#IndiaFoldscopePhase1- Poster presentation on Foldscope

With an objective to make the students understand the assembly and usage of foldscope, students were asked to prepare posters and present their posters before other students. Here are the students observations and opinions

Leaves of Casuarina under foldscope

Casuarina, an angiosperm, leaves looks like a Equisetum, a pteridophyte Leaf scales of Casuarina Other end of leaf scale which is inserted into leaf scales

Observing Mint Flowers under foldscope

After attending workshop @ ggdsd, I have tried my foldscope and observed some mint flowers under it. Mint  belongs to a family of strong-smelling herbs. Leaves are opposite i.e  two leaves instead of one arise at every node.  The flowers are usually irregular (bilateral symmetry),   often looking like little dog-heads. I have observed some flowers under foldscope.

Studies on the presence of microorganisms in wild edible plants during summer season

Some of the flood prone areas of Gohpur subdivision were visited during this summer season and some wild edible plants were collected to observe the association of microorganism with this wild plants. Edible wild plant samples were collected from twenty different flood prone sites of Gohpur subdivision. Students of Department of Zoology, Chaiduar College collected…


Observed a Dog’s mail on foldscope….it was a amazing view….had a great experience.

Heartbeat of a mosquito