All about HIBISCUS

In this observation of the flower hibiscus,I have mainly observed the pedicle, it’s polen grains, the antheler and a part of ovary.

Foldscope at Home: Newspaper

Notice the details of a newspaper with Foldscope! More newspaper resources:

Dear Sir: A Foldscope Fable

Hi, I am new to this platform. I am just getting started and very excited to learn and grow with this amazing community. I made a film on the wonder of foldscope. This film is a fictionalised account of the Indian Scientist Manu Prakash and on his invention of foldscope. The film is my love…

Observation of human hair

Structure of the root tip of the hairRoot tip of the hairProjection observed above the root tip of the hair

Foldscope at Home: Scab

See a scab up close with Foldscope! More scab resources:

Butterfly leg under Foldscope

I am Riya, from Bangalore, India. I am in eighth grade. I am attaching two pictures of the butterfly leg – one (Figure a) taken with high lighting from the LED magnifier, and the other (Figure b) taken with low light setting on the LED. I wanted to share these two pictures so that other…

Observation of Light Bulb

Observation of light Bulb If someone is trying to buy a foldscope then visit this site=

Foldscope at Home: Sourdough Starter

Welcome to Foldscope’s new YouTube series featuring quick samples you can make yourself. In our first video, see what’s growing in this sourdough starter!

Teacher Raffle !

I wish to be part of the raffle, as I am transitioning to a new District an they don’t know about fOldscope! I used it this past school year and we loved it ! #Foldscope!