Disappointed with foldscope function

I have tried to observe Helminthosporium (fungai) condia through foldscope… unexpected thing was that the clarity was too poor than the expected. The magnification of compound microscope 10xwas found to be superior than foldscope 140x

Pollen from a Spider Lily flower

Slide was made using cellotape and paper slide. I cut part of anther and placed it on piece of cellotape. Then placed another piece on top of it and removed it. Then used one of the tapes that just had a layer of pollen grains for observation. Found this technique very effective and convinient.

Papilio demoleus

Students name : Shilpa , Bharathi, Leelavathi College name:CMR National PUcollege, ITPL, Bengalore Specimen: Papilio demoleus(lime butterfly) Parts observed under foldscope: Proboscis, Wing dust, scales on wings& antenna Kingdom: Animalia Phylum: Arthropods Class: Insect Order: Lepidoptera Family: Papilionidae Genus : papilio Species: P. demoleus Description: The lime swallowtail, Papilio demoleusLinnaeus, is sometimes called the chequered…

Exploring the Microcosmos with Foldscope at Khalna, West Bengal

Department of Environmental Science, University of Calcutta and Gopal Chandra Bhattacharya Vigyan Prasar Samity jointly organized a workshop in collaboration with Howrah Vigyan Chetna Samannaya on 19th October 2019 at Khalna, Howrah, West Bengal. Introductory Session- In this session, a brief idea about the origami microscope and its applications were demonstrated by the  Foldscope team,…

Fern Rizome

Images of a fern rizome (from a prepared slide that I purchased along with Foldscope). Please don’t hesitate to correct the image captions in case I got them wrong !

Dirty water


Foldscope excitement at ZPHS Vattinagulapally

Zilla Parishad High School (ZPHS) Vattinagulapally is a semi-rural local government school on the outer fringes of the city of Hyderabad, Telangana. I have been visiting this school as a volunteer in the weekend outreach program of TIFR Hyderabad, since July this year. Classes at Vattinagulapally are fairly small, partly because of drop-outs after elementary…

Style and Stigma of a rose flower

Stigma of a rose flower showing 'en abancio' shape. Trichomes attached to the style of the flower. Thanks @TeamFoldscope for helping me figure out. More Trichomes

Rose Flower

Closeup of anther Closeup of anther. Connection of anther and filament

Parts of a flower

Closeup of inner layer of sepal. Anther This flower was used for the study

Onion Peel

First image I took using my Foldscope. Impressed with the details I could see!

Discussion about foldscope with the faculties of the Department of Economics in University of Science and Technology, Meghalaya

In the clean village drive program at the department of economics, University of Science and Technology ,Meghalaya, on behalf of research scholar I described about the new invention of scientific tool foldscope in relation with the program.I discussed about the use of the tool with Dr.Polakshi Bhattachryya Baruah and other respected faculties of the department….

Mystery of galls on leaves

Post about a mind-blowing observation I made 2day: while coming from office I saw strange nodules on a plant leaves. Out of curiosity I plucked one leaf with nodules n brought home. My guess was it must bel disease which is causing abnormal growth. To check what these nodules made up of, I cut open…

Workshop on “Outreach Workshop on Usage of Foldscope” conducted by BMS College of Engineering for classes VII and VIII school students at Bengaluru, Karnataka on February 14th 2019

A series of two workshops were conducted on use of Foldscope as an awareness program, by BMS College of Engineering, Bengaluru. The First Workshop was conducted on February 14th 2019 in the morning session at Government Higher Primary School,Sunkadakatte,for class VII and VIII students. Around 40 students participated. The resource person were Prof N.Prathibha from…

Workshop on “Outreach Workshop on Foldscope” conducted by BMS College of Engineering in association with North East state Twinning partner, Dera Natung Government College (DNGC), Itanagar and Jawahar Navodaya Vidyalaya, Doimukh for classes VII and VIII school students and First year BSc students at Bengaluru, Karnataka on January 10th-11th 2019.

A series of three workshops were conducted as an outreach workshop on Foldscope by BMS College of Engineering, Bengaluru in association with Twinning partner, Dera Natung Government College, Itanagar, and Jawahar Navodaya Vidyalaya, Doimukh Arunachal Pradesh at Bengaluru, Karnataka. Some school students accompanied the Professors from Arunachal Pradesh for interaction with students and teachers in…

Door to Door Campaigns on Personal Hygiene using Foldscope as an Aid

A campaign was conducted in the villages of Rajaborari to educate women on importance of hygiene with emphasis of cloth and menstrual hygiene. Women were explained the importance and procedure to wash clothes. They were shown slides of microbes with the help of foldscope. Microbes were collected from unwashed bedding, unclean towel, etc.  100 women…