Date: 20th Jun 2018Place: Life Science Lab, St Xavier’s College (Autonomous), MumbaiDescription: My first few Foldscope images! Exploring was fun! I looked at a plant leaf that I picked on my way to college, some soil from the college garden and a run-away thread from my cotton dress. Observations:The leaf section was too thick and…

Magnification Comparison

Date: 19th Jun 2018Place: Life Science Lab, St Xavier’s College (Autonomous), Mumbai Description: The magnification of the assembled Foldscope (140X) was compared with that of the standard compound light microscope (10X and 40X lenses). Permanent slides were viewed. A slight aberration was observed at the edges of the field of view of the Foldscope possibly…

Garlic peel under foldscope.

We can easily see the cells of garlic. The peel was not so dry. I took a peel and observed it under a foldscope.

Vortex generated by cilia beating of Vorticella

Vorticella is a suspension-feeding ciliate and has drawn the attention of scientists since Anthony van Leeuwenhoek first described its unique motility. Biological motors of microorganisms can be mimicked in microsystems to reduce the overall size of devices. Cilia beating has been envisaged as a potential strategy for inducing fluid flow and mixing in microsystems. The…

Colpidium colpoda dining on bacteria

Colpidium colpoda are free-living ciliates commonly found in many freshwater environments including streams, rivers, lakes and ponds across the Globe. I collected some dried mosses from a tree and hydrated it by adding some water and observed this sample after one day of hydration. One can see the Colpidium feasting on bacterial cells.

Specie of Rotifers

I took some moss and put it in water for a day and observed it under a foldscope and I found this.

Field visit@ ICAR, Meghalaya, samples collection by Miranda House, DU , PI @ Co-PI with Senior scientist Krishnappa

Workshop for Zoology students on Foldscope

Students of MSc Zoology, Barkatulla University, bhopal have experienced the microscopic view under Foldscope. They are working on Mosquitoes in their dissertation and have tried their larva and adult mosquito slides under foldscope.

Wild Turkey feather

This bird almost became the national bird of the United States, and has a range over much of North America. It is the inspiration for domestic turkey and a famous Bourbon of the same name. Here is a look at the barbs and hooks in a dark and light area of the feather.

A foldscope in a geocache – San Francisco

Geocaching is an outdoor recreational activity, in which participants use a mobile device to hide and seek containers, called “geocaches” or “caches”, at specific locations marked by coordinates all over the world. So with my super-user friend @babo989 we decided to put a foldscope in a geocache hoping the people will us it, post discoveries…

Desmids & Cyanophycean Species

These are some desmids and cyanophycean algae recorded using foldscope as research tool. This is a part of our unpublished works on Cyanophyceae and Desmids.