Leves of papaya

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Section show fibro-fatty tissue with mature adipocytes as seen under Foldscope.

Prostatic hyperplasia

Section shows normal prostatic tissue with back to back arrangement of glands with columnar epithelium as seen under Foldscope.

A batch of 63 Sericulture farmers of Khowang district, Dibrugarh Assam India were trained under DBT funded project on foldscope assembly and how to use it for detection of diseases in silkmoth and its eggs. (i.e mother moth examination). We tried to have an interactive session on difficulties faced while rearing and disease control,thus how…

Adipose Tissue View Under Foldscope.

Adipose tissue is nothing but a fat. It is also called as loose connective tissue. Adipose tissue mainly contains immune cells. Its main task is to store energy in the form of lipids. When we observe adipose tissue under foldscope it look like this.

Gusano marino – Poliqueto

Hace poco fui a una playa y conseguí muchas algas de una charca. La principal sorpresa fueron unos pequeños nudibranquios grises con verde, que saqué y puse en otro frasco con algunas algas. Eso es a nivel macroscópico. En una de tantas muestras que preparé encontré un gusano, el cual a simple vista no se…

Crab shell

I tried to observe sand bubbler crab shell through Foldscope which i found in sand. I observed it in almost no light.

Molted exoskeleton of an insect

I’ve been noticing these odd, insect-like things on my softboard for quite a long time now. I hadn’t been brave enough to touch them, but since they hadn’t moved in forever, I decided to take a closer look. While I mounted it on my slide with forceps, I realized that it was flimsy, and seemed…

Miscellaneous Pond Creatures

A video taken through my foldscope of what appears to be a sort of worm floating through the water, and moving through a piece of pond matter. The sample was obtained by taking water from the Baxter pond at Caltech, around 7PM on April 11th, 2019. From the video captured (and from where this still…