Our Second Workshop On the Awreness Of The Foldscope.

Our  purpose  behind  the  school  visit  is  that  make  every  rural  student  aware  about  the foldscope.Students  are  very  exiting  to  learn  about  the  foldscope. with  the  help  of  students  we  prepare different  slides.

Invited talk and Demonstration of Foldscope

Invited talk and Demonstration of Foldscope to students of Alagappa University, Department of Microbiology on 15 October, 2018.   Dr. Poonam Singh/ Srinivasa Sundara Rajan R CSIR-CECRI Karaikudi

Pollen of Combretum Indicum observed under foldscope

Commonly called as Rangoon Creeper and also known as Chinese honey suckle.It is a vine with red flowers clusters and is found in Asia.It can reach from 2.5 to 8 mt.The flowers are fragnant and tubular and their colour varies from white to pink to red .It is used as herbal medicine .The flowers change…

Petals of different flowers under foldscope

I am thrilled to observe these colored cells under foldscope. The Persian blue, yellow, red and orange colored cells are from Shankapushpi, marry-gold, Rose and Chrysanthemum.   This post is open to read and review on The Winnower.

Pollen of Datura observed under foldscope

It is an annual shrubby plant that typically reaches a height of 0.6 to 1.5 mt .It’s stems and leaves are covered with short and soft grayish hairs,giving the whole plant a grayish appearance.The flowers are trumpet shaped.

Pollen of Pomegranate observed under foldscope

It is a fruit bearing deciduous shrub or small tree growing 6 to 10 mt hight.It has multiple spiny branches and is extremely long-lived.The flowers are bright red with 3 to 7 petals.

India foldscope phase 1

Onion cells observed under fold scope  onion cells were stained with methylene blue and iodine

Twinning program between Foldscope teams of The D. G. Ruparel College, Mumbai and Bijni College, Assam.

On  fourth day i.e. 29th September 2018 we conducted a National Workshop on “Foldscope: Assembly, Hands-on Training and Applications” in Basugaon Higher Secondary School, Chirang District, Assam. The workshop included an interactive talk with the students which was given by Dr. Sewali Pathak- Principal Investigator Assam and Junior Research  Fellow- Ms.Priti Dubey, Mumbai. This was…

Twinning program between Foldscope teams of The D. G. Ruparel College, Mumbai and Bijni College, Assam.

On third day we dissected four more freshwater fishes namely Epidocephalicthys gunthea, Psilorhyncus balitora, Acanthocobitis botia and Borioa darieo. We learned the taxonomic method of identification through foldscope. We prepared slides of different parts of body of fishes which included Mouth parts, Fins, Gills, and Scales. We observed all the slides through foldscope. We also prepared…

the students first time looks through foldscope

During the session on workshop Manuprakash Sir’s video about Foldscope was playing .  

Foldscope workshop

Higher secondary students of Lakshmipuram Chennai were highly excited to see the Foldscope .


  I have conducted foldscope training program for 80 students in Nalla Mani Yadava College Of Education at kodikuruchi Tirunelveli district. Tamilnadu.


 I have conducted foldscope training progrom for 100 students in Ratna high school at kadayanallur Tirunelveli district Tamilnadu. #

Hunting microfossils: a failed experiment

Work brought me to Jaipur, Rajasthan. It is located in Aravali mountain range, the oldest in Indian subcontinent. I thought it is a best time and place to look for microfossils. While traveling to work, I spotted exposed sedimentary rock. It was exposed due to road construction (see photo). I scrapped done surface deposit and…


An awareness programme conducted regarding the microworld in drinking water by checking the presence of planktons in the water sample using foldscope. The programme was coordinated by the Kerala Sastra Sahitya Parishad (Kssp) activists of Keralassery Panchayath as part of “The complete health village programme”. It was conducted As a 1st step of the complete…