I am an animal reproduction scientist and interested in improving fertility of dairy animals in India. Insemination by poor quality semen is one of the reason of repeatbreeding problem in cows in India. Foldscope will be a handy tool for pre-insemination quality evaluation of each dose of semen being used in the field for Artificial Insemination of cows at owner’s door step. By viewing semen quality cow owners will be also satisfied for the service being done for their animals and will be happy to pay for quality services. This is my first view of semen motility of frozen semen of bull after thawing. LED light attachment is very useful and creates phase contrast like view for visualizing motile spermatozoa.


So I was surfing through pollen mixes, and I found this bad guy! Anyone who knows what it is ? My Grandpa told me that it was a fungus?

Foldscope as Research Tool: Popularization and out-reach

After attending an excited workshop at ICGEB, New Delhi on 17th April 2018; foldscope was continuously used for different imaging purposes.  My faculty colleagues and students are so excited and happy to see such a wonderful device with handy operating procedures. They are demanding foldscope, but, order is on-rush.

colon histopathology sample

Rat Colon sample histopathology slides image captured through foldscope at Dr.N.G.P Arts and Science college , coimbatore.


Image captured at Foldoscope orientation workshop at International center for genetic Engineering and Biotechnology for an fresh pond water sample showed movements of bacteria and algae.

DBT foldscope workshop experience

  It was nice experience to take part in DBT foldscope workshop at New Delhi. My first foldscope snapshot Honey bee wings. I will train myself and ready to reach as  many school and college students for an outreach program under Ariviyal-Solai Innovation Centre.  www.ariviyalsolai.zohosites.com

Delhi workshop

dear sir /madam hearty greetings. we had a nice experience and exposure in the realm of microbiology via foldscope at ICGEB, Delhi workshop. it was quite informative and useful.i like to extend the application of foldscope in the drinking water observation and the observation of urine sample in the pregnant women to diagnose unapparent infection.Since…

Karuvaipillai Pollen

Karuvaipillai (Murraya koenigii) is flowering now! Here is some pollen from the flowers: Here is the same pollen after a couple of hours in glycerol: (The black lines in the background are the 1mm grid — would be good to have a more detailed grid to allow for generating a scale bar….)

Swimming critters in a pond near my house (Bangalore, India)

To all the veteran foldscopers this may sound like nothing, but I am sure excited to present this video to you: https://youtu.be/6UOBy8ztLJQ It was hard work. My lens was dirty, and the slides were scratched up, despite my best efforts. Then thanks to Laksiyer and EzekielJakub, who suggested phase contrast, I tilted the foldscope. Lo and…

My first experience with Foldscope at ICGEB, Delhi and NCMR_NCCS, Pune

I am a microbiologist and can very well understand the importance of microscope in my day-to-day research.  I read about Foldscope somewhere is 2015 and since then I was keen to have this frugal microscope.  Last year DBT, India invited proposal to use Foldscope in various activities, including research. I reacted promptly and submitted my…

A simple hack for reflection/epi-illumination using the foldscope

I have been wanting to post on this for long. There is a very simple way to achieve reflection/epi-illumination microscopy in the new foldscope. For this, I use a simple LED hack that was described by Marie. See https://microcosmos.foldscope.com/?p=13486.  This LED unit can now be inserted from the side as seen in this video. The video…

DBT-Prakash Lab Orintaion Workshope on the use of Foldscope -ICGEB New Delhi

மத்திய அரசின் அறிவியல் கல்வி நிறுவனமாக DBT  பிரகாஷ் லேப் உடன் இணைந்து ICGEB புது டெல்லியில் இரண்டு நாள் நாடுதழுவிய பயிற்சி முகாமை கடந்து 16,17 ஆகிய தேதிகளில் நடத்தியது. இந்த பயிற்சி முகாமில் என்னை பயிற்சியாளராக அழைத்தமைக்கு DBTக்கும் விஞ்ஞானி மனுபிரகாஷ் அவர்களுக்கும் என்னுடைய நன்றியை தெரிவித்துக் கொள்கிறேன். டில்லியில் என்னை முழுமையாக கவனித்துக்கொண்ட விஞ்ஞானி சாம் என்ற ஆரோகக்கியசாமி அவர்களுக்கும் என் நன்றியை தெரிவித்துக்கொள்கிறேன். இந்த நிகழ்ச்சி என்பது அறிவியல் வரலாற்றில் மிக மிக…

Fun time with fibres and other things

From the clothes we wear to the paper on which we write, these things are made of fibres. Fibres of polysaccharides. Just how amazing these look under a foldscope…   Paper may look smooth and uniform as viewed from the naked eye, but microscopically a different story is seen.     Cotton fibres seen through…

Foldscope: First trial

Today we started exploring the Foldscope, and we started by observing Cucurbita b.w. slide and we were amazed by the performance of the simplistic and efficient Foldscope. https://sites.google.com/view/ceglab/home

ASSETT and Foldscope: A marriage made in microcosmos heaven

The past 6 weeks or so I have been tinkering with Tetrahymenas thanks to the wonderful ASSETT program run by Cornell University. ASSETT or Advancing Secondary Science Education through Tetrahymena is an NIH funded program that provides modular science education material for schools, using Tetrahymena as a model system.  Each module is well designed keeping the…


He estado estudiando la morfología y las patologías de los eritrocitos en Medicina Veterinaria. Pero he tenido dificultades en cuanto al enfoque por lo que es una célula muy pequeña, mas sin embargo hare lo posible dar a conocer mis resultados.

Mosquito Claw

Like many other users a mosquito was annoying me, I killed her and viewed her anatomy under my foldscope.  After tweeting the focusing I finally managed to get a clear picture of her leg, wing, and most interestingly her foot pad. As you can see in the image mosquitoes have claws.  How cool is that?…