stomata cells in calotropis

 t The cells which helps to gas exchanges in leaf  i.e stomata cells.its good experience to me when iam preparing slide and observing under foldscope. the stomata cells seems to observe like human eye.  

bottle brush flower stalk

This is bottle brush flower stalk.i had taken one flower then i made longitudinal section cutting of flower and placed on the slide then observed under the was very nice to see the internal parts of flower.

starch granules in potato

When iam cutting potato i seen juicy content .i had taken little amount of juicy  content on the slide.then putted iodine it reacts and gives bluish black colour. then observed under foldscope.i observed starch granules in oval and round shape. Swapna,10th class,Kalavanchi school.

cells in carrot

My name is Priyanka , studying 10th class, thopanahalli school. Iam very  surprised when working with foldscope. it was amazing experience for me. thank you agastya instructors.    

rice granules

Handling and using of foldscope is very easy and innovative learning to me.I observed the rice granules and rice granules with iodine it was amazing to me .thank you for giving this opportunity.      by     Sujatha,7th class,ZPHS Dandi kuppam.    

fungus on dry leaf

when i came to lets lab i observed the fungus on dry leaf. i observed the fungus on foldscope. thank you agastya. Name: Apskhan       class:8th class school: ZPHS  Rallabuduguru

pollen grains with pollen tube

This was amazing observation under foldscope .the pollen grains with pollen tube of tridax.iam very thank to manu sir for making me very curiosity.

Locules in Ovary of Hibiscus flower

My self iam Kiran kumar 9th class studying in ZPHS Ponnanguru .iam very happy to work with the is very easy to carry. i went to field i collected the hibiscus flower ovary .i taken t.s of ovary then observed under the foldscope.

soil structure

when iam  doing soil serial dilution to develop microorganisms. i  am very curios to observe the soil structure.then with the help of foldscope i observed the soil structure in different was very awesome to   me.

Gaseous exchange through stomata cell

My self  Varalakshmi. Iam very curiosity to learn about stomata cells in rheo plant through foldscope.It was very easy to handle and attractive one.    

cells in the beet root

my self iam prasanth from ZPHS. Kenumakulapalli.Iam very interested to see the different cells in vegetables like beet root under foldscope.Iam very happy because this is the first time iam handling foldscope and even observing cells under foldscope.Thank you Agastya and Manu sir.  

kitchen of the cell

when i saw foldscope i wondered because i came from rural area i.e. ZPHS Kenumakulapalli  8th class. this is the first time i seen foldscope.It was very funny to handle compare to microscope.I observed the Chloroplast ,cell wall and cell membrane.  

pollen grains and pollen tubes of Hibiscus flower

my name is Gurumurthy studying 8th class.i felt very happy and easy to handling the foldscope. when iam observing pollen grains and pollen tube under foldscope its very interesting.Thank you for Manu sir giving This Opportunity for rural students.

life of vegetables

my self iam Raju .i was studying 9th class. when i was seeing the cells under foldscope it was very fantastic and superb clarity and easy to carry the foldscope compare to microscope. thank you Mr.Manusir  

granules in red gram

My self iam jyothi from ZPHS ponanguru iam very happy and curiosity to see the granules in the pulses through foldscope .it was amazing .thank you manu sir and Agastya teachers.

comparison study of carrot and potato cells

I collected carrot and potato in the field near gudupalli. then i taken thin section cutting of carrot and potato.the arrangement of cells was mind blowing when iam observing through foldscope.

cells in beet root

when iam preparing hydrilla  plant cell slide. I got an idea that plant is made up of cells . I am interested to observe cells in beet root . After observing cells in beet root through foldscope it was amazing.

curiosity to see cheek cells

My name is N. Arun from ZPHS Daseganuru 9th class. when iam  listening animal cell class i was interested to see cheek cell. I was first confused how can  we see cheek cell through foldscope. After using foldscope i wondered and amazing that i  observed the cell wall ,cytoplasm and nucleus , nucleus which is…

పత్ర హరిత పరిశీలన

                                      మేము గరిగాచీనేపల్లి నుండి అగస్త్యలో లెట్’స్ ఇన్వెస్టిగేట్ ల్యాబుకి వఛ్చి ఫోల్డ్స్కోప్ ని తీసుకుని అందులో ఒక స్లైడని తీసుకుని అందులో ఒక ఆకుని పెట్టి ఫోల్డ్స్కోపులో ని లైటుని ఆన్ చేసి చూసాము. అందులో మాకు ఆకులో ఉన్న పత్ర రంధ్రాలు చాలా స్పష్టంగా మరియు బాగా కనిపించాయి…

crystals of potassium dichromate

iam very  curiosity to do this slide because when iam working with chemicals i thought why cant we see the structure of chemicals .then with the help of foldsope i observed the structure of potassium dicromate.  

Ovary of Hibiscus rojasinesis plant

  Student{Mr. Praveen,7th class}  from  ZPHS gudupalli were very interested  to see the ovary of Hibiscus plant. it was very amazing to observe the ovules ,locules and vascular bundles.

Moong dal granules

I was interested to see the granules in pulses. I added iodine to the moong dal paste. then placed a drop of solution on the slide and focused under foldscope.i can see the the oval shape granules.

Microbes entry on Bahunia purpurea fruit

when our house keeping workers were collecting the dry fruits and leafs, they have observed that some black and brown patches on the fruit .they came to me and asked what is that ,i said it is an a microorganisms. they asked me to show. with the help of foldscope they had observed the microorganisms….

pond miracle

Students from  ZPHS. Dandikuppam  and i visited  the pond ecosystem. one of the student Mr. Manoj  was interested to see the Aerenchyma  tissues presented in the Lotus stem. He taken Transverse section of stem and Observed under the Fold scope. After his  experience under the fold scope he felt very enthusiasm and thank full for…

stages of MEIOSIS in Allium cepa flower bud

When i am doing cooking with onion  flower .i saw some thing inside the flower .I thought why we cant see the cell division inside the flower  by using fold scope. then i took the fold scope to my home and i observed the cell division i.e MEIOSIS stages & even my family were observed…

pollen grains in tridax plant

The flower of the  Tridax plant looks very small .when we go inside of the flower it looks very very small that is pollen grains . if go under the foldscope the pollen grain looks micro and many. that is the curiosity makes by foldscope.    

miracle of the flower

         The miracle of the flower can be seen through this post. those are the pollen grains  of Hibiscus plant. we can see the pollen tube also which is attached to      pollen grains .it play a role in the pollination .