Poster Presentation

•Presented a Poster entitled “Foldscope aided evaluation of root infection in five varieties of Cocos nucifera L. in Pollachi Taluk, Coimbatore District” in the two day International Conference on Contemporary Panorama of Biosciences(ICCPoB’19) at Sri Sarada College for Women, Salem On 6th and 7th February and won the “Best Poster Award”

One day workshop cum hands on Training

•To create awareness and also to impart research skills using Foldscope among the college students, a one day workshop cum hands on training was done at NGM College of Arts and Science, Pollachi on 5th February 2019.

Foldscope usage in plant pathology

Powdery mildew of Papaya is one of the important plant diseases. It causes great damage to plant growth, so it is very necessary to study and identify the causing pathogen for it. Powdery mildew of Papaya specimen is observed and studied under Foldscope.


Redgram pod trichomes are very important for giving considerable resistance to insects feeding on them. These pod trichomes were observed under foldscope.

Basophil ( Leucocyte) in human bloodfrom Presidency College, Manipur

Samples of Various Vegetation on Campus

The first picture shows an orange peel, in which the bumpiness and texture of its surface can be seen. The sample of the peel was collected by scraping a portion of a peel of a fallen orange in front of Dabney House, Caltech on 5/8 at 6:01 am. The above picture shows a small leaf…

Observing pollen grains from lily (or is it) flowers

Above is an image of yellow, translucent, rice grain-shaped pollen grains that came from the orangish purplish flower pictured to the right. It’s pretty amazing how definite the pollen grains are shaped, as with the naked eye it simply just looks like fine powder. This sample of pollen was taken from the flower in the…

Flower Pollen

Taken 5/8 near Page House. Plucked off bush Why is the image so fuzzy? Could try using different cameras to check quality #caltechbi1

Pollen Specimen, Pasadena, CA

This pollen sample was obtained in the garden outside of Gates Parsons, on the Caltech campus, at 11:00pm, May 10th, 2019. It was obtained by plucking a flower from the ground and then rubbing the stamen onto the slide. The slide was then inserted into the foldscope, and a light was shined through the back…

Hibiscus Plant Pollen

This image is a sample of yellow plant pollen from a yellow Hibiscus plant was obtained near Page House, Caltech, United States (1200 East California Blvd, Pasadena CA) at 11:00 PM 5/10/2019. This plant sample was obtained by picking one of the flowers from the flower bushes using hands, and then several stamen were removed...

Hibiscus Plant Pollen Sample

a) The species of plant that the pollen originated from is Hibiscus Rosa-Sinensis Orange, from the kingdom Plantae. Physically, the flower has a reddish-orange appearance, with yellow oval-like pollen visible at its center. See secondary image below. #caltechbi1

California Poppies, Pollen at Caltech

This sample was obtained at the California Institute of Technology, off the Olive Walk by Ruddock house at 12:01pm 5/10/19. It was collected by scraping a glass slide against the base of the petal. Unfortunately, a transparent sticker was used to cover the pollen instead of a glass piece. The species is Eschscholzia Californica. The…

Foldscope picture of pollen collected in Bechtel residence lawn

Tiny and translucent cells can be seen, which indicates for the presence of pollen on the sample stage under the view of the foldscope as shown in figure 1. Figure 1 was taken on May 10th at 10:39 PM at Bechtel Residence lawn. The sample was obtained by picking one of the yellow flowers on…

Foldscope Pollen Sample

This is an image of pollen from an orange flower. The sample was collected at 3:00 PM on May 10, 2019 (Friday). It was obtained from a large patch of flowers located outside the south-house facing entrance of Page House on Caltech’s campus. Many of the shrubs were blooming, producing large orange flowers with clear…

Hemerocallis lilioasphodelus pollen

Yellow daylily pollen (hemerocallis lilioasphodelus) collected May 10th at 4:30PM on the corner of Cordova and S. Chester Ave. A couple stamens were taken from a flower, rubbed onto a slide, and covered with a cover-slip.

Pollen Collection on the Caltech Campus

The above image shows flower pollen collected on the Caltech campus in Pasadena, California. It was collected on May 9, 2019 at 5:20 PM PDT from a plant growing along the southwest edge of the Holliston parking structure. The pollen was collected from the flower shown here. It is a Bird of Paradise flower (or,…

Eschscholzia Californica Flower and Pollen Found on Caltech Campus

The flower of this plant was found on Caltech Campus at coordinates: 34.137106, -118.122357, at 12:30pm on 5/10/2019. The first image is the plant, later identified as a “Eschscholzia californica” but more commonly known as the “California Poppy”. The second image is the pollen that was removed from the flower and observed under a foldscope….

Pollen sample from Hibiscus plant

This pollen fragment came from a group of plants outside of Page House on the campus of Caltech. These plants seem to be hibiscus plants. The slide was prepared by taking the pollen stem of the plant and tapping/smearing it on the slide, such that the pollen would come off. Then the slide was put…

Orange Hibiscus pollen under scattered and direct light exposures

The images show pollen grains of an Orange Hibiscus flower, under direct and scattered light (generated using a mobile-phone flashlight). The sample was obtained from the plantations outside Page House residence at Caltech’s campus (1200 East California Boulevard, Pasadena, CA) around 5:00 pm local time (CA) on May 8th, 2019. The flower was cut using…