Fern Spores

A sporangium is an enclosure in which spores are formed. It can be a single cell or multicellular. All plants, most of ferns form sporangia at some point in their life cycle. Sporangia can produce spores by mitosis, but are also the site of meiosis and produce genetically distinct haploid spores. Some ferns produce two…

Workshop for school students

we have conducted a workshop for school students in a nearby village and they were astonished to see the slides of protozoans and other lower invertebrates attached to my mobile phone. I have focussed paramoecium slide. showed them binary fission in one of the slides conjugation in paramoecium- Temporary union between two paramoecia for the…

Bacteria from my hands

I have tried to observe microorganisms from my hand so imprinted my hand on a nutrient agar plate and incubated it over night . Nexxt day Observed some colonies on the plate I prepared a smear and Gram stained it and observed the slide under foldscope.   Hardeep

Onion Root Tip

I have recently got an opportunity to attend a workshop at GGDSD college, CHANDIGARH. I was amazed to see Foldscope and its wonderful working. The slide which I have seen was of onion root tip. Harsh  

Mushroom spores

Mushroom spores are one-celled, reproductive units. Spores are different in size, shape, and color, so act as an important  identification feature for  a species of mushroom. I went for a nature walk and seen some wild mushrooms I prepared a slide and Foldscoped it. observed spores-these are one-celled, reproductive units -capable of germinating into mycelium, under…


Foldscope has given a new dimension to the field of frugal science. The paper microscope has not only given easy access to the microscopic world to common people but also has redefined the concept of doing science and understanding it. We were fortunate that inventor of the foldscope, Prof. Manu Prakash and his colleague Dr….


Chilika due to its brackish salinity and shallow nature supports  dense beds of seagrasses that are often dominated by Halophila species. Seagrass beds are vital due to their role in providing the sheltering and feeding ground for many birds and fishes. The benthic community of seagrass beds  is extremely diverse and many annelids living in…