Mosquito Eye

Compound eye of Mosquito Mosquito compound eye

Foldscope Workshop in Rizvi College

The Foldscope Team of D. G. Ruparel College conducted a workshop on Foldscope: Introduction and Applications at Rizvi College of Arts, Science and Commerce, Rizvi Education Complex, Bandra West, Mumbai, 400050 on 9th August 2019. The workshop included an lecture on introduction to foldscope and its working. In the lecture, videos taken through foldscope of…

Video showing movement of cilia of Eudiplodinium maggii

DBT scheme –“Foldscope for dignosis of rumen acidosis and parasitic infection in cattle”. Protozoa under the genus Eudiplodinium Video showing the movement of cilia of Eudiplodinium maggii . visualized under foldscope.

How can jellyfishes sting?

My city has a wonderful nearby beach known as Las Canteras beach. Last wednesday there were many jellyfishes on the sea shore belonging to Pelagia noctiluca species, cnidarians that the waves drag and leave on the sand when they bloom due to higher sea temperatures, among other reasons. I have always wondered how cnidocites (stinging…

Collection of rumen fluid

DBT scheme –“Foldscope for dignosis of rumen acidosis and parasitic infection in cattle”. This post is in response to Manu Prakash’s comment on our previous post (Ostracodinium nucleolobum in rumen fluid). Video showing the collection of rumen fluid from the cattle by using rumen fluid collection pump.

Estanques de sal y pantanos de la bahía de San Francisco

Publicado por Ethan Li el 9 de mayo de 2019. [Traducido al español por Hugo Ramirez, Ebenezer I. O. Ajayi, y Erasto Alvarado.] Publicación original en inglés. Original post in English. Como parte de nuestra tarea de laboratorio dada por el profesor Manu Prakash en BIOE 301C para estudiar algo interesante con el Foldscope, nosotros…

Microbial diversity in a paddy field water sample — Part 3

TWO WORMS Nematodes were in the sample right from Day 1. I was a bit neglectful of them perhaps because, in the numerous samples that I have observed till today, this guest has always been ready to come under my Foldscope. It was on Day 2 that I observed two new worms, one with long…

Microbial diversity in a paddy field water sample — Part 2

DIATOMS, ROTIFERS and SOMEONE UNIQUE The water drop sample from the paddy field further showed moving diatoms and rotifers. One particular organism puzzled me. At first, from its bifurcated tail, I thought it was a rotifer. But on better focusing, I observed its cilia. Was it a ciliate? It seemed too big for a ciliate….

Microbial diversity in a paddy field water sample — Part 1

Hello Everyone! My explorations with the Foldscope constantly enrich me with interesting experiences of the beautiful and dynamic microbial world, and water samples from different places add a special excitement to my life! My family members know this, so recently my nephew gifted me some water from a paddy field (see Image 1). This water…

Foldscope at Fab15 community meeting

It was an absolute blast to spend some time with the FabLab community at El Guona, Egypt off the coast of Red Sea – with 400 participants from around the world. The FabLab network has been part of my past life – and it was wonderful to reconnect with old friends (Sherry, Nadya and others)…

‘Nitrogen Fixer’ under my Foldscope.

These are the nitrogen fixer Cyanobacteria (Blue green algae) under order Nostocales. They have this ability due to a specialized cell, known as Heterocyst. Heterocyst identification key Features with respect to vegetative cells. Thick walled. Weak pigmentation. Present at both intercalary and terminal position. Intercalary Heterocyst have Polar granules at each pole while Terminal Heterocyst…

Foldscope Puzzles (for me)

Foldscope is giving daily puzzles and each water sample is with variety of organisms in this rainy season. Observed a small creature in a water sample and it is moving very swift, creating pendulum like movement from anterior to posterior end, body looks like segmented and fore limbs like structures are seen, can see the…

What’s this cute one?

Observed a tiny ( of course all are tiny and microscopic, ) very small little one moving on Oscillotaria, (observed at 140 X of foldscope and 4x of mobile ) in a pond water sample

Workshop on Foldscope

School of Environmental Studies, Jadavpur University and Department of Environmental Science, University of Calcutta, jointly in collaboration with Howrah Vigyan Chetna Samannaya, organized a workshop on Flodscope at Kendriya Vidyalaya, Cossipure, DumDum, West Bengal, India on 27th July 2019

What is this Micro organism?

Observed a tiny organism in a pond water sample, its moving very swiftly, have feeding with the help of cilia like structures. observed a strange phenomena, its body wall broke and released egg like structures and moving

Session on Foldscope for I Yr B.Sc Zoology Students

During this week Practical class, it started raining, we just collected rain water sample from college ground and observed under foldscope, students enjoyed watching Oscillotaria, Rotifers, Euglena and Vorticella live in a tiny water drop

Plant pot water full of life

Hey everyone, I’ve collected some water from the bottom plate of a plant pot to see what I would find there. I was completely blown away by the amount of things moving, and by the amazing diversity of species I could find. Their circling movements and erratic wiggling seemed like a dance to me! Unfortunately…