Fibers from Nature -2 (Spider silk)

In the corner of my house, I spotted a web. Fixed it on a slide using a cellotape and viewed it through the Foldscope. I was astonished as it revealed the facts about it as a fiber material. The spotted spider web  A spiderweb commonly found in all house hold as a dreaded thing can…

Mosquito larva under Foldscope

Mosquitoes passed through four distinct stages during their lives: egg, larva, pupa and adult. The eggs hatch in water, becoming mosquito larvae called “wigglers.” A mosquito larva looks like a small hairy worm. Eye development in mosquito larva Trunk development in mosquito larva

And There is much to be done…… Back_To_Work by Abhi

Brahminy Starling, one of the beautiful and hardworking creature on this earth. Hopefully Now M feeling happy and like a nature Lover bcoz explored and learnt name of so many birds the couple of days back, made me just gland. I feel like she is saying,”There’s much to dô but from where to start,  has…

In the meantime lets sit and give a pose: Nature’s ♥ by Abhi

Well,  we find the major similarity among us and monkeys.  When saw that in my friend’s wall,  without thinking posted here so that it could reach the more people. If I’m not wrong then whenever see it,  I think like the leisure time is the best one and especially the one with the group of…

A Day in TIFR

Foldscope workshop at TIFR Hyderabad June 19-20, 2018 Sharada Haritha Foldscope ID Numbers: 000207EAA812, 00020CD0BE1C, 000284DDDE15, 00020E40738C, 0002050BFFDF, 000246BEACDD, 00020F8783D5, 00024E2E4719, 00022A696A85, 0002236629B9, 00026F864341, 00022E951CC1, 0002068A5D50, 0002E06E7868, 00024A310B26, 000275D93994, 00022A6964FC, 0002110CFC29, 000227DB1712, 00022656B03D, 0002976B2C1C, 00026E3A1B01.

Observation of pollen grains in Hibiscus

Foldscope workshop at TIFR Hyderabad June 19-20, 2018 We observed the pollen grains of Hibiscus rosasinensis, which belongs to Malvaceae family. The pollen grains are very clear and olive yellow in colour. The surface of pollen colporate (having apertures which combine a rounded pore and a groove) having numerous round tip spines. E. Sreenivas (JL in…

Nature’s Real Beauty

Nature’s Real BeautyBeauty is not artificial, it’s real and that’s exactly what nature gift’s us ,the real, wild and adorable beauty. The different colors of this flower embrace the beauty of nature. By Aditi lobiyal lakes international school Bhimtal

The beauty of Flowers in a bunch….. Nature has blessed us by Abhi

After all its the beauty of Himalayas……  The beautiful bunch of flowers seems to be awesome.  When I return home after exploring such new n sensible things,  and see it really makes me feel commendable. I on behalf of my school thanks the community for providing us such a Platform where we could post our…

Sticky pollen

I had always imagined pollen to have thick, spiny covering called exine, which had germ pores on it. I came across Morning glory plant with pink flowers. It had bell shaped flowers, with the stamens quite deep seated. I took out the anthers, which had some staminal hairs along the filaments.  I could see a…

I wonder what is it thinking ….?: Nature’s ♥ by Abhi

When saw that suddenly,  took the pic without wasting a minute because it really made me feel happy.  This beautiful Himalayan Bulbul always comes at evening time and listen me humming song, m really actually really amazed seeing that. Nature is all gift. By Abhijeet Singh Dewari from Lakes International School, Bhimtal

Marudam Farm School: teachers workshop

A few of weeks ago, a colleague and I visited Marudam Farm School (near Thiruvannamalai), a couple of hours outside Chennai. This is one of the schools that will be part of my Foldscope project. Just as we started the discussion, a lovely seed floated by. So we decided to look at it under the…

My First Foldscope world

We have constructed our Foldscope as per instruction given in the manual. After each step of foldscope construction our curiosity has increased to see micro world. We took 30 mins to assemble it and tried to view few ready made slides which have given along with the kit. It was soooo beautiful.. I would like…

Firefly under Foldscope

In summer night, Firefly blowing is a common was a matter to be crazy to know how this beautiful phenomenon takes place in Firefly. Today I caught one alive and observed the glowing part, i.e. its lower abdomen under my wonderful instrument Foldscope. Bioluminescence takes place in a special light emitting organ located in…

Pollen and pollen tube in Hollyhock flower

Pink Hollyhock botanically known as Althaea officinalis,  is a garden herb belonging to Malvaceae family. I plucked a flower growing in my friend’s garden to see its pollen. I was excited to  see a germinating pollen with a long pollen tube piercing through the style using a foldscope. This post is open to read and…

Cottage cheese

During my workshop at GGDSD COLLEGE chandigarh I took cottage cheese and suspended it in  water and centrifuged it at 2000 rpm for 2 mins.After 2 mins , I prepared a smear from the supernatant and observed it under foldscope . First I stained the smear with methylene blue and observed cocci . They may…

Peel of Plum fruit

Hello all back with something healthy and nutritious – Plums. Plums have high nutritional value and antioxidant properties. Varieties of plum with darker fruits are regarded as rich in valuable antioxidants. But the major limitation to this healthy fruit is its storage due to short shelf life and softening that reduces its flavor quality and…

A very huge snail: pic by ABhi

When today morning I went fr a walk found this beautiful giant gift of nature….. Snail By Abhijeet Singh Dewari from Lakes International School

Patiria miniata – Hopkins Marine Station

I had the pleasure of visiting the Hopkins Marine Station in Pacific Grove, California this past week. The space was absolutely teeming with fascinating creatures large and small. In this post, I’ll share a story focusing on Patiria miniata and follow-up later with some other posts of data and drawings stemming from this trip soon after….

Peel of Tradescantia leaf

Tradescantia is a monocot plant with purple colored long leaves having parallel venation. While my mentor @ GGDSD was engrossed in staminal hairs, I tried my hands at making a leaf peel. The amazing part was that many stomata were ripped while peeling the epidermis and they floated in water, as I had made a…

Tiny arthropod under vision of Foldscope

I found this small creature walking on my dining table. I just adhered it on cello tape and visualized under Foldscope. I look like a baby spider as it has four pairs of legs.    

The White sun

Well, we have read that white is the actual color of sun and so today morning hours I observed it at Haldwani,  Uttrakhand. By Abhijeet Singh Dewari from Lakes International School

Pollen and Staminal Hair of Tradescantia – a spiderwort

Tradescantia (a spiderwort) is an invasive species and is well known to show cytoplasmic movements. In an attempt to study the phenomenon of cyclosis, the purple-heart species (Tradescantia pallida) was selected. It is an easy to grow plant by cuttings.   Its stamens have bilobed anthers with long filaments. Apparently the filaments appear white, but…

Actually True, Maa can only understand the pain of offspring

Well, this pic have been taken from my friend’s wall. But ultimately just see maa is maa,  even if she is a bird she understands the chirp or rather the pain and the duty of wê children are to channelize us and tune us according to their thoughts because They always do for the best….

Clever and smart Owl:Nature’s diary by Abhi

Found this beautiful owl pic and also loved this as now-a-days given rest to foldscope but m still working on the natural gifts I mean look at the nature. U will get to c more such posts by me. By – Abhijeet Singh Dewari from Lakes International School

A beautiful butterfly at my house

Although I don’t know the name of this type of butterfly but it seems to be awesome. A very beautiful one. #Nature’s_Love,  M grabbing it♥😘 By Abhijeet Singh Dewari from Lakes International School

Foldscopy-A Beginer’s view

Attending the workshop at GGDSD College, Chandigarh along with my friends was a wonderful experience for me and came to know about foldscope, which I have never heard before. Not from the medical science background, I have observed a prepared slide of Dracaena, a monocot.   I have attached a mobile phone with it and peeped…

Bread mold

While working with rotten bread under @foldscope workshop at GGDSD COLLEGE chandigarh, where I found this fungus.This is Rhizopus having a circular bud and long hyphae.

Rhoeo peel

Sharing with you the peel of Rhoeo leaf – the Oyster plant foldscoped by Yatin @ SD College, Chandigarh Peel of Rhoeo leaf Magnified view