Yeast Cells

Yeast is a living organism. It can be used to make bread and alcoholic drinks such as beer and wine. Different species of yeast may cause infections such as thrush. Yeast consists of single cells. They are smaller than animal and plant cells, but slightly larger than bacteria.

Xylem and Phloem of a Monocot Plant

Dicot stems have their vascular bundles in a ring arrangement. Monocot stems have most of their vascular bundles near the outside edge of the stem. … Monocot roots, interestingly, have their vascular bundles arranged in a ring. Dicot roots have their xylem in the center of the root and phloem outside the xylem.

Antennae of male mosquito

Mosquitoes use their antennae as movement receivers that respond to oscillations of air particles within the insects’ surroundings. The brush-like male antennae are sensitive to sound waves, particularly to those of the frequency of the wingbeat of females; so when a male midge ‘hears’ a female with his antennae, he flies towards the source of…

Observing Microscopic Stem Hair

Trichomes are fine outgrowths or appendages on plants, algae, lichens, and certain protists. They are of diverse structure and function.

#indiafoldscopephase1 Lecture series 2

  Lecture series 2 Another batch of TGT from state government of Madhya Pradesh attended orientation program at DEK NCERT New Delhi… 28 Teachers / Teacher educators amazed to see.. Hands on activity using foldscope.. They enjoyed ncert lab manual activity using foldscope for classes 6 to 8 and classes 9to 10…they were happy and…

A Tangle of Spider Webs

This is what a spider web looks like in a foldscope. Here both the sticky part where the insects are captured and the dry part where the spider crawls can be seen. All comments and suggestions are welcomed.  

Protozoa in healthy Rumen Vs Rumen acidosis

Rumen acidosis is a serious condition by which there is a drastic decrease in the pH of the rumen in cattle. Rumen lactic acidosis develops in ruminants that have ingested large amounts of feed rich in carbohydrates. It results in the production of large quantities of Volatile fatty acids (VFA) and lactic acid, thereby decreasing…

Nature walk to Botanical garden

As a part of series of workshops and visits under DBT sponsored project on Using Foldscope as a teaching and educational tool.  A group of around 50 Students of GGDSD College, Chandigarh visited the P. N Mehra Botanical Garden, situated in the P.U. Campus on 13th Sep 2018. The visit was organized to study the…


  The pollen of unknown flower studied under foldscope. How can I identify the family of this pollen?? Could any one lead me through please?   #helpneeded


Lol.. Mosquitos are so mean it never shows mercy to anyone especially HOSTELLERS. so we tried to study under foldscope to give a best punishment for her. How sensitive it is they finally this curios make me to study further about it. The average mosquito can drink 0.001-0.01 milliliters of blood the average adult. Human has roughly 5 liters of blood. so it…


We collected the sample of  wet organic fertilizer by the NSS volunteers of SSN College to study the micro organisms growth. #foldscope #organic #farming #fertilizer #sample #students #ssn #nature #nss

Plankton collected from two of the wettest places on Earth

Our work is documenting the plankton community from lakes and ponds in East Khasi Hills of Meghalaya including those of Cherrapunjee and Mawsynram (two of the wettest places). Together with the students’s help, we surveyed and collected the plankton and observed under the Foldscope. We would like to put a few pictures of plankton (Cladoceran,…

Penicillium Species

Penicillium sp. is isolated from dust which is collected from Air Conditioner.

Zooplankton and Polycheate from seagrass meadow.

Water and benthic sediment samples were collected from the seagrass bed located in the southern sector of Chilika. Water samples were collected using zooplankton net where as seagrass sediments were collected usinga Van Veen grab sampler. Samples were stained with the Rose Bengal stain and mounted on glass slide for observation under foldscope. Zooplankton such…