Just starting out

I just started using my foldscope about a week ago and absolutely love it. I wasn’t really sure what to look at at first so I tried flowers, leaves, and some spider legs. Today I took the scope with me to work and showed a bunch of coworkers and friends and they were all amazed…

Bonsai Chinese Elm Leaf

My first time using the phone camera with the foldscope. The photos are a little blurry, but I hope to improve my technique over time. The leaf itself was very small, about 1 cm in length, so there is not a lot of detail. Happy Foldscoping!!

Here is our first micrograph.  We already are thinking of ways to create a micrometer for some student projects!  Thank you!

Blood on a bandage.

 I was doing some work on my car. I got cut, after I cleaned it up and put a bandage on it. I wondered what my blood would look like under a foldscope and here we have it. 


These photos are of a red leaf taken from a Poinsettia plant. The pictures are of different veins in the same leaf. The red photo was backlit by an incandescent lightbulb, while the purple photo was backlit by an LED.