DBT Foldscope Project,MRGCA,Mannargudi,Tamilnadu

Dear Foldscope community Members… Greetings …. “To be inspired is great,but to be an inspiration is an hounour” Bring scine to day to day life of common man, i think through the foldscope project we can make the dream as sucess.. We started the work at Department of Microbilogy Mannargudi,Tamilnadu (Dr.Panner Selvam,Principal investigator of the…

Moldy growth – In my room wall

A dampened wall due to seepage from rainwater drain pipe was noticed in my room wall and prompted by the post on ‘Air borne fungi’, I mounted the same on a slide to observe under a foldscope. I  was surprised to see fungal hyphae and some unidentified cyst- like structure. However, I could not  identify…

Comparing the peels of raw and boiled potato

After learning foldscopy @ GGDSD, Chandigarh, these days everything at home is set to pass through FOLDSCOPE TEST. Guess what?  Maa boiled potatoes for making cutlets, and the science in me asked whether cells in boiled and raw potatoes would look the same? I picked up a potato, gently removed its peel. It was too…

Presentation on Project Foldscope in my school.

Hello. I’m a Teacher from Vidya Valley School, Pune.  As we returned back to school after the summer vacation I shared my experience at the Teacher training workshop with other teachers of my school. I showed them the foldscope and the photographs clicked . Sharing some photographs of my presentation. My Principal  and all my…

Pixels of computer screen

Fascinating pictures we captured from foldscope like pixels of the computer screen,  LED lights.

First foldscope pictures

Garlic peal - with mobile zoom Test image with foldscope - of fixed slide provided with the kit

Foldscope: First trial

Today we started exploring the Foldscope, and we started by observing Cucurbita b.w. slide and we were amazed by the performance of the simplistic and efficient Foldscope. https://sites.google.com/view/ceglab/home