Presentation on Project Foldscope in my school.

Hello. I’m a Teacher from Vidya Valley School, Pune.  As we returned back to school after the summer vacation I shared my experience at the Teacher training workshop with other teachers of my school. I showed them the foldscope and the photographs clicked . Sharing some photographs of my presentation. My Principal  and all my…

Pixels of computer screen

Fascinating pictures we captured from foldscope like pixels of the computer screen,  LED lights.

First foldscope pictures

Garlic peal - with mobile zoom Test image with foldscope - of fixed slide provided with the kit

Foldscope: First trial

Today we started exploring the Foldscope, and we started by observing Cucurbita b.w. slide and we were amazed by the performance of the simplistic and efficient Foldscope.

A long journey to explore WATER – BACTERIA

I got in touch with the foldscope team last year, to develop some workshops within the program I was implementing for work. “Innovation with purpose”. The program consists on implementing an innovative technology “plasma water sanitation system” to guarantee access to secure and potable water for vulnerable people. Our vision is to connect advanced technology…


When I spilled coffee over the water sample.

Foldscope to visualize magnetic nano/micro particle motion

Dear all, First, I would like to thank Prof. Manu and his lab for providing us an opportunity to use Foldscope. It is a wonderful invention. Now coming to my work on Foldscope: We work on manipulating magnetic nano particle (MNP) using permanent magnets for drug delivery applications. The magnets are big and strong about…

How to post a gif

I am testing a simple method to post a gif. Sometimes videos are too long to upload. But simple apps exist to covert a section of a video into a small gif that can be labeled and uploaded as a small file.  Here is an example. This was made using app called ImgPlay.  This is…

House Fly

I am excited to share my first foldscope experience of an amazing creature (House Fly) from Afghanistan.  The thing that truly fascinated me about foldscope is that it can be used in many creative ways. I used it with 2 different lights by holding it against the electric heater and a bulb, it gave me…

Amoeba/ অ্যামিবা

  স্লাইডে একফোটা পানি নিয়ে ফোল্ডস্কোপের নিচে রাখার পর এটা দেখতে পেলাম। এটা কি আসলেই অ্যামিবা? Take a drop of water on slide and get this. Is this a Amoeba? I’m not sure.

First Run: Ranunculus

As soon as I finished folding up my foldscope, I needed to try it out. It really is a special tool. Now thinking of ways to use it with my elementary school students. Some are studying hexagons- anyone know anything with hexagon cells? Commment: this is Foldscope admin – Manu. Somehow your comment button is…

A simple microfluidic device and time lapse imaging of embryonic stem cells

One thing that is overlooked in our general understanding of cell biology is how dynamic everything is. During school, you are taught that cells are a tiny round blobs full of even tinier factories performing various pre-defined functions. These cells are each of a certain type and shape and combine to form greater structures that…

First shot with Foldscope

I’m not sure what this is, but it seems like an arthropod. While I was waiting my Foldscope to arrive to Argentina, I prepared a small pond water container with some decaying algae, copepods and water fleas. The first image is a stalk of 3 pictures taken with the Foldscope. The creature shown was less than…


Esta es una imagen de calibración para el iphone5. Cada barra larga representa 100 micrómetros. Just a calibration bar for Iphone 5 as a test, maybe it´s useful to others. Una división grande son 100um

Hibiscus pollens

I got my foldscope a few weeks ago and I spent many days learning how to use it. My cousin, who is doing bio-tech , helped me a lot in preparing slides and taking photos. Following are the pictures of pollen grains of hibiscus plant in our garden taken with Moto G (5 mega pixel…

“… curiosidad y asombro …”

“… curiosidad y asombro…” curiosity and wonder, those are aprelimiray level teacher first words “La llegada de los microscopios a la escuela trajo curiosidad y asombro. En principio, los docentes (maravillados con la propuesta) y siguiendo los tutoriales, nos sentimos como niños armando ese “juguete” fascinante. Parecía una tarea increíble: sólo con una hoja A4,…

Llegaron los Foldscopes!

Sr. Manu Prakash y Equipo de Foldscope, Hemos recibido los microscopios que gentilmente nos enviaron. Agradecemos esta iniciativa y la posibilidad que nos brindan de participar en forma tan temprana. Los docentes y alumnos del colegio Sofía Barat de Bs. As. Argentina, estamos ansiosos y entusiasmados por realizar nuestra propia experiencia. Trabajarán chicos de los…

Foldscope Plan

The Foldscopes arrived a month ago and I shared them with a few fellow medical laboratory scientist. The plan was to see if we could put it together. It took about a half hour to assemble. We were happy to get in on this project and eager to get started. We were able to use…

Vinca Major

        This is a petal from a Vinca Major flower. I wanted to see the veins of the plant in the petal. You can still see the purplish  color.  


This is a post of a slice of lemon. I wanted to see what it would look like In the foldscope.