Science Picnic festival – Croatia (eSTUDENT)

We would like to describe our workshop we held in the capital city of Zagreb as a part of the Science Picnic festival. There were about 30 000 participants who brought their enthusiastic spirit for science. Each one of our visitors left with positive impressions and it was (quite) a challenge to answer all the questions. 🙂







Hereby we would like to emphasize that not only our attendants are impressed. For example, one member of our team (who has worked on a lot of microscopes during studying on a Department of molecular biology) never hides his ardor for Foldscope next to all expensive microscopes that he has worked on. 🙂 

Generally, we are all amazed with incredible attributes that Foldscope has – low-cost, limitless use (can be used anywhere), fact that kids consider it as a play – while they learn a lot, etc. Also, each one of our four Foldscopes passed through at least 400 hands and still works great!

Finally, although many people have seen it, our wish and goal is to introduce Foldscope to every kid and anyone interested in Croatia.

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