Science district of Interliber – Croatia (eSTUDENT)

Hi again,

We are writing to describe our third workshop which was held as a part of Science district of Interliber (Croatian biggest book fair) in the Croatian capital of Zagreb.

The workshop was based on preparing microscopic slides for animal and botanical samples and observing them in three different ways – using daylight, LED lamps, and mobile phone cameras. What we consider specific for us is using overhead projector foil (appropriately cut) as an underlying glass and a scotch tape as the cover glass.

img_9911 img_9847

This workshop, as each one before it, also left behind lots of amazed children and their parents.


Writing this, we would like to conclude a cycle of three demonstrative workshops we have held in which we introduced Foldscope to many children and their parents. Each of our projects left the observers amazed and starving for more. Likewise, Foldscope opened new horizons for us and connected us more as a team.

Our major goal is, depending on possibilities, to spread workshops to schools where kids could assemble Foldscopes on their own and take them home.

We hope you liked our work and articles.

Greetings from Croatia for now,

eSTUDENT, the science-education team

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  1. Manu Prakash says:

    @Estudent – so proud to read posts from Croatia. These are first sets of posts – so thrilled to see this here. Hoping to see your explorations regularly.

    Fantastic start; and we have a long way to go. Welcome to Foldscope Community.


    1. eSTUDENT says:

      Dear professor Prakash,
      thank you very much for your response. We are very glad you like it, and we will make sure to continue posting about our research and activities. It’s great to be part of this journey. We are eagerly awaiting the new challenges and look forward to Foldscope adventure. We are honored to be part Foldscope community.

      Kind regards,

      Elvira Pek
      Science-education team leader, eSTUDENT

  2. laksiyer says:

    How exciting. I read that Croatia is one of the most biodiverse places in Europe. Hope to see a bit of the microbial diversity in this forum. I hope you can add some new pollen data to our pollen database.

    Happy foldscoping.

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