Bloody lice

This morning ….I came across a small spider in the carpet ….which was struggling to move some dust ……well just finished my final exams yesterday…….. finally I can explore again.

Sorry PETA the spider threatened me ,this is self protection and for science.

The slide was ready in a min.

fired up my phone cam, all was set .well this spider was different when it was having sharp claws and IT WAS ALSO A NIGHTMARE FINDING IT

FINALLY I SAW BLOOD BUT the spider WAS TRANSPARENT I realised this is a lice

Well ive never seen a lice(this close) and it didn’t strike on my head

With a little research seems this is all over our body beard ,pubic areas..(well they may have exaggerated a bit)..also in almost all carpets, they love dark ,humid areas to live

In short i think they are well equipped parasites.

With predator like claws,transparent body

Also it won’t die easily it was moving even after preparing the slide…(kinda creepy)





Side R (those are legs?)


Bloody body


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