It’s a tick! And it is tiny!


My 6 year old son is enjoying a nature camp this summer.  He spends the day learning about local creatures and playing in the woods.  It’s fantastic!  We live in New England and have to be very vigilant about ticks.  And ticks are TINY!  We check for ticks everyday.  Today, after day 1 of nature camp, my son brought home a hitch hiker —  a very tiny deer tick.  I posted a photo of it on Facebook and my friends couldn’t believe it was a tick!  But guess what?  They believed it after I posted the Foldscope images.  So cool to see the tick in detail.  And good news, we took it off before any risk to my son <3.  The Foldscope rocks!


Tick legs


Tick Head


Movie Tick

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  1. Manu Prakash says:

    Welcome to Foldscope community @TDumont.

    It’s incredible to see this tick. It’s so tiny!! To see it inte full glory under a foldscope was remarkable. I wonder what H had to say about this.

    So wonderful you posted and shared this with everyone in the community. People, keep an eye out for ticks!!


  2. laksiyer says:

    Oh my goodness!! What a tiny tick. We have ticks here in MD too and I worry about them a lot. Fantastic post. Thank you.

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