Wild Tetrahymena

Hi guys! First post with new foldscope. The microbe is a common wild type Tetrahymena from onion root soil sample. We learnt about this organism in theory about its self splicing RNA mechanism and getting to see the organism visually was just a great experience.

The resolution and stability in capturing video is even more amazing this time.


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  1. Manu Prakash says:

    What a fantastic data set @Mitalhili. Absolutely stunning. I can clearly see the vacuole and the beautiful shape. I can also see you are using the oblique illumination trick on the light module – and the edges are incredibly sharp.

    It was a very proud moment to meet you in person. Laks had mentioned a lot about you; but meeting in person was amazing. Keep inspiring kids and people around you.

    Also; I was thinking of putting some more technical challenges for super users; so you can start performing experiments. Let’s have a chat with Laks, you, me and your teacher – can you coordinate a time to chat. Also include Honomi on the phone call.

    I am so proud to see this – since I know you just got your kit last night.


  2. Sawant Maithili says:

    Hi Manu sir. It was really amazing meeting you in person at workshop. But I think whom you are mentioning is my friend Mitali. As we have similar sounding names..there is a lot of confusion arising. So as I am suggested..I’m changing my username. Thanks 🙂

  3. laksiyer says:

    Maithili fantastic work. In general we should get the Ruia group to chat with Manu, abd Honomi one of these days by skype. There is much to do. Love the contractile vacuole.

  4. Mitali says:

    Maithili those are fantastic videos!
    I’m so sorry Manu sir mistakened you for me 😅 Credit belongs to you and not me~

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