No High Mag Lens in Deluxe Kit? Would Love to Buy One!


I just received my Foldscope Deluxe Kit a few days ago and I have not put it down! I assembled the Foldscope according to the instructions and it works great. I believe the two lenses that came with the kit are the 140x magnification lenses, which leads me to wonder where I can find a foldscope-compatible High mag lens? I must admit, I did think one would come included in the kit, but I am more than willing to purchase one separately because I am all about contributing towards the cause of putting a microscope in the hands of those who really need it, for cheap! I’ve been playing around with building other leeuwenhoek microscopes out of CD lenses and I will probably try making a lens using the butane torch and glass rod technique, just for fun. I am giddy with excitement for when I can view microorganisms with a handheld microscope!

The image is a fragment of roasted seaweed snack. (very tasty)


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  1. I also miss the high mag lens…

  2. Hazuka says:

    I just got the deluxe kit with 2 lenses and I just imaged the 0.5mm grid using each and can report that they are exactly the same. I get ~2mm field of view with each and can’t resolve bacteria.

  3. REC says:

    With a butane torch and a glass stirring rod, one can create a smaller lens, albeit with much practice. I eventually produced a lens adequate enough to yield a higher magnification than the provided lenses. The resulting lens is about as small as the tip of a ballpoint pen… Which presents the biggest problem: Seating the lens in a reliable holder. I have had the most success with sandwiching the lens between two pieces of black electrical tape and shaving a small opening to look through. The lens can then be taped to a phone camera (preferably the front facing camera) for viewing. I haven’t figured out how to mount the lens on the foldscope without destroying it yet, though…

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