Close-up view of salad greens (& purplish reds)

Before tossing  my baby kale and radicchio salad, I decided to take a peek with a foldscope:

Here are some shots taken under different lighting and magnification:

The stomata are prominent here.  As someone pointed out in my Instagram post, it is interesting that the cells containing the stomata have no color pigments. Any ideas?

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  1. Manu Prakash says:

    Dear @DOM,

    What a wonderfully appetizing set of images. Clearly the stomata cells have slightly dimmer pigments so they stand out. It surprises me tremendously, and I will ask more plant biology colleagues if this is true more generally of cells that support stomata.

    You beautifully connect science to food. Keep exploring.


  2. laksiyer says:

    Fantastic. Would be great if you could digitally zoom in to one of the stomata. They stain really well. I have had good luck with methylene blue.

    1. Dom says:

      Thanks for your wonderful suggestion! Will try it out.

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