Life in jar, part 1: “Beginning”

Hello everyone!
It’s my first post on microcosmos and first in English.
I was in ‘Botanic Garden in Poznan’ (beautiful place!) and I took some water from pond. Next, I cased it in a jar.

Firstly some Chlorophyta:

Spirogyra | Skrętnica

different  Spirogyra (?)

something destroy

something… hmm…

Wait, do you see what’s the shape of chloroplast? It looks like a Lissajous curve! ( have recently made pendulum with light, which achieve this effect:

Oh, it’s so incredible! Math is everywhere.

Paramecium (?) (it’s not moved) | Pantofelek ?

Diatoms (with bubbles 😉 ) | Okrzemki (z bąbelkami powietrza)

Wait, there are something slightly strange… Oh it is a Hydra ! | Stułbia

This post is long for my energies (translation is so exhausting), but too short for all mysteries lock in jar.

To be continued…

PS Of course let me know what do you think of this. 😉

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  1. Manu Prakash says:

    So wonderful to see the mysteries of this jar @naukowywariat – thank you for writing in English.

    I love the analogy to Lissajous curves. I wonder what is the reason behind patterning chloroplasts in such strange ways. Could it have something to do with how light scatters in these structures. Although I have seen these filamentous algae so many times – never stopped to think about that. What a wonderful example of beautiful things (and questions) in plane sight.


  2. jholmes says:

    I like the Lissajous observation and your pendulum photo! I have not heard that word in many years! I will try to share some green creatures soon.

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