Bio60_2018 Worm

In lecture, I caught one of the worm looking things inside of the container of live things and crushed the worm between my two slides. At first, it took a while to understand why it was blurry but the eventual conclusion was that the tissue or skin of the worm was just too thick and the light wasn’t penetrating it well enough. Once I took some of the worm out and began to look more into the substance that was squished from the worm I began to notice small structures in the substance such as little circles and a sort of green tint from the whole thing. I did not get much time to explore the worm because I just figured out that the tissue was too thick by time it was time to start getting ready to leave. Although I didn’t get to see the worm too long, I got to see some of the structures that were really interesting and fun to observe and I wish my phone was compatible with the foldscope so I could have viewed it with more quality.

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