Just starting out

I just started using my foldscope about a week ago and absolutely love it. I wasn’t really sure what to look at at first so I tried flowers, leaves, and some spider legs. Today I took the scope with me to work and showed a bunch of coworkers and friends and they were all amazed and are going to apply for their own foldscopes if it’s not too late.  My friend found some kind of insect carcass that was all dried up so I looked at that for most of the day. I decided to try taking some pictures by using my iPhone with the magnets and was very impressed. I wanted to show my parents what I was looking at through the foldscope and how well it worked but they live 30 miles away so the thought occurred to me I could video chat with them on my phone. So that’s how I’m going to share what I see with friends all over the world now. I’ve never beta tested anything before so this post is probably too long because I’m not sure what to say.

I kind of wish there had been some slides and maybe labeled pictures of the slides included with the foldscope so I would know what I’m looking at


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