MEGADIVERSITY OF MICROCOSMOS: In a drop of water more than 4 species been observed from the same location (habitat photographs is included in https://microcosmos.foldscope.com/?p=76095)

#indiafoldscopephase1: NE Twinning ..Foldscope Workshop

DEK NCERT participated in workshop on USE OF FOLDSCOPE organized b at Lembucherra Tripura by N-E twinning partner College of Agriculture Tripura. 34 personals comprising of faculty of CoA Tripura,  Students from different institutions of Tripura State participated in the workshop held on 13.11.2018 Workshop started with inaugural specch by Dr.M.Dutta (ARS) , OSD &…


T.S of dicot and monocot leaf under foldscope

Class-7 Topic-Transportation in plants While teaching the above topic the students observed the section of dicot and monocot leaf  to understand the concept of xylem and phloem in class room setting.

Xylem and phloem under foldscope

Class-7 Topic-Transportation in plants Like human beings plants also need to transport substances.They have vascular tissues called Xylem and phloem for transportation.Xylem is a water conducting tissue and phloem is a food conducting tissue.While teaching the above topic the students observed the Xylem and phloem tissue under the foldscope and got first hand experience.They could…

Leg joint of mosquito


NAME: Shilpashree. S COLLEGE: CMR PUCollege, ITPL, Bangalore It was very interesting to see Potassium dichromate, K2Cr2O7 under foldscope. It is a common inorganic chemical reagent,used as an oxidizing agent in various laboratory & industrial application. It is a crystalline ionic solid with a very bright, red-orange color.The main use is as a precursor to…

Microorganism from Deepor Beel under the Foldscope

The freshwater microorganisms  cyclops and probably mysis. Yesterday a team from CEE went to a Tetelia High School and took some water from the Deepor Beel which was nearby.   These are other pictures we took and we aren’t able to figure out what these things are. If anyone knows more, go ahead please tell…

Inauguration of Foldscope in Barkatullah University on 27/09/18

Foldscope instrument has been inaugurated by Honorable Vice Chancellor of Barkatullah University Prof. R J Rao in the Department of Microbiology. Being a Zoologist he found immense possibilities to pursue in the field of Microbiology with the help of pocket-sized Foldscope. Students have also seen their slides under the Foldscope.  


Name: Ramya Nambiar College: CMR National PU college, ITPL campus, Bangalore Item observed: Auramine O Description:- Auramine-O is a diarylmethane dye used as a fluorescent stain. In its pure form it is very soluble in water and in ethanol. When viewed under the foldscope, it appears as yellow needle crystals. It is a hydrochloride and…

Wings of insect

Hello everyone, here we are uploading our first pictures. Thanks to Dr. Anjana Singha Naorem, Asstt Prof dept of Zoology, Cotton University for giving us this wonderful instrument “Foldscope” in the DBT foldscope one day workshop conducted in Regional Science Centre, Guwahati jointly conducted by Cotton University and Regional Science Centre.  That workshop was quite…

Salt crystal under the foldscope

30 students along with two science teacher of Maharshibidya Mandir, Silpukhuri, Assam participated in a workshop on foldscope utility conducted by Cotton University and Regional Science Centre Guwahati. There we got a foldscope from PI Dr.  Anjana Singha Naorem,  Asstt prof of Dept of Zoology, Cotton University. These pictures were taken by our students during…



Cyanobacteria filament observed in the sample.



Unstained and stained images of Biofilm from PVC Coupon

PVC coupon were immersed in garden tank for almost 3 months. Biofilms were formed on the PVC coupon.  The coupon was removed from garden tank and a loopful of the sample was taken and smear was prepared on a glass slide and stained with Gram Stain and observed under Foldscope. Dr. Poonam Singh/ Srinivasa Sundara…


This 5-carbon sugar used as a sugar substitute. Though found naturally in a number of foods, and a product of our normal metabolism, industrially it may be produced from wood and wood products. Here are two images with plane polarized and polarized light.