Mosquito limbs under Foldscope

The mosquito limbs are attached to the abdomen and thorax. They appear with numerous fine hair. While most of the limb is cylindrical in shape, small cone like structure are present in the middle of the limb.

Mosquito through our Foldscope

Mosquito through our Foldscope Hello Everyone, we have started exploring Micro World using our Foldscope. We at Media Research Forum, Madurai kept mosquito in our Foldscope Slide to learn parts of Mosquito. — Surender Ponnalagar

Mosquito Claw

Like many other users a mosquito was annoying me, I killed her and viewed her anatomy under my foldscope.  After tweeting the focusing I finally managed to get a clear picture of her leg, wing, and most interestingly her foot pad. As you can see in the image mosquitoes have claws.  How cool is that?…

Mosquito’s body through foldscope 2.0

  Hi this is Varun from chennai, India I’m  14years old and I’m studying in the 10th grade, this is the mosquito’s body through the foldscope v2.0. In another mosquito I saw a blue line kind of thing I thought it is blood and may I know what are those black spots, if anyone knows what…

Protozoan parasitizing a mosquito larva ?

The Sierra Nevada of California right now is blooming. The hills are brushed in the purple, golds and yellows of the California floral palette and beneath the old firs massive bolete mushrooms are pushing up through the duff, nearly asking to find themselves on a dinner plate. Water is abundant and where it has pooled,…