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    I am a 6th grade teacher and I am super excited about my Foldscopes! I just got them Friday and I would like to hand them out to my students as soon as possible. I have 120 students this year and I will be sending the Foldscopes home with one student for a week at time. Since they will be shared, they won’t really belong to any one student. Therefore, I don’t know really the best way to register them. Also, since the minimum age for students to have a social media account is 13 in the United States, I would like to monitor my student’s posts and comments. With that being said, I need to register each Foldscope. The problem is, I don’t have 12 different e-mail addresses.

    Is there a way I can register multiple Foldscopes to my account and then just give my students the username and password so we can ALL see what everyone is posting and commenting?

    Thanks for your help and suggestions!



    I also have the same problem. Originally the Foldscopes were requested for a science camo. The camp was held before the Foldscopes arrived. I now plan on using the Foldscopes with a homeschool biology class. there are multiple students, many whom do not have email accounts. Next year there will be a different group of students. Can I register all the Foldscopes using my email address?

    Thanks for recommending your preferred registration method.



    I have the same problem and am addressing it by making a unique email account for each Foldscope with two of the last four numbers from the identifier number. I am having to use family members cell phone numbers because you can only create a limited number of gmail accounts which I prefer to use.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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