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    Howdy From Tyler, TX Chapel Hill High School,

    Although I received the foldscopes a couple of weeks ago it took me and my student assistant a few days to put together this report.

    1. Use the video tutorial as introduction for assembly
    We watched the video tutorial together as a class before we started assembling the foldscope. It gave the students an idea how to organize all the parts on the table before they start folding.

    2. Identify the lens and set it apart
    This caused a lot of confusion. Many students had a tough time identifying which of the three are magnets and which one is the lens. Some of them wrongly identified a magnet as the lens and inserted it in the wrong end!

    3. Use the written instruction that comes with the kit for actual assembly.
    Although the instructions are very clear in the video most of my students preferred the written instructions that came along with the unit as they would like to work at their own pace, but viewing the video before they start assembling gives them a better understanding.

    4. Use the foldscope number label to identify foldscope and assign it to students.

    5. Not all prepared slides from your lab will work with the foldscope ( difference in thickness and length)

    6. TIP: I used transparency sheets from years ago to cut out “slides” and cellophane tape as cover slips for students to use to make their own slides.

    7. TIP: paper towel dipped in rubbing alcohol wipes out dust and fingerprints from the “slides”.

    8. TIP: Start off with dry mounts as practice.

    9. TIP: Cellphones need not be stuck with the magnet to take pictures. Some students will waste all the sticky pieces and still not figure out how to “focus”.

    10. Focusing does not work all that well and needs lots of practice to get it right with a class full of students.

    Have fun…experimenting with students.

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