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    Yesterday I received my long awaited Foldscope. I followed the assembly and first use videos by Honomi Ijima. Thanks for the clear instructions.

    I have two questions.

    1 In the magnetic rings/lens pack there were three magnets and TWO lens. Honomi mentioned one circular lens. What is the function of the second lens which is fixed to square flexible materiel similar to the magnets?

    2 Looking at the Fern Rhizome through the Foldscope for the first time the image is spectacular but spoilt by dirt(?) on the lens. I have followed the recommended cleaning regime over and over again but the dirt(?) cannot be removed. This is not dirt on the slide. I have found this problem without a slide in place What can I do?



    Are you sure you inserted only the lens?? Some of my students inserted the extra magnet with the lens and could not see the slides clearly. It took us a while to figure it out. Make sure you remove the THREE magnets that are stuck to each other and the lens will be all black with a protruding end and a flat end.

    Hope this helps, by the way its easy to reassemble.

    Mrs. Krishnan
    Classroom Teacher
    just another big fan of Foldscope



    Thanks for your interest Mrs Krishnan. I’m certain that I followed Honomi’s instruction. I guess you are familiar with her video? To clarify the points above and as described on the video, the package comes with one circular lens and three magnets. Each circular magnet is fixed onto a rectangle of plastic film. One magnet set aside for use on a smart phone, two used in assembly. My observation with the Foldscope at eye level is that the image is viewed through a ‘smudge’ in the centre of the image. No problems with the edges. In addition to the above my kit contained a further lens fixed into a rectangle of black plastic film. Honomi did not mention that lens in her video, hence my point 2.


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