Unidentified insect eggs

While preparing slide for identification of disease from chilly leaf sample, found these eggs of some insect. Slide prepared by scrapping.


Slide prepared through scrapping the stigma of the flower

Micrometry using Foldscope

A workshop named “Magnify Your Curiosity-Mathematics in a Laboratory with Foldscope” was organized by Department of Environmental Science, University of Calcutta on the evening of 12th March 2019 at Jagadis Bose National Science Talent Search, Kolkata, West Bengal, India, in collaboration with Howrah Vigyan Chetna Samannaya. Introductory Session- The workshop started with Dr.Punarbasu Chaudhuri delivering…

Foldscope view of Freshwater Annelid from algae in Fish tank

College Name: CMR National PU College, ITPL, Bangalore Sample Name: Fresh water Annelid from fish tank Sample Collected from: Fish tank at home with algae growing over a pebble, collected on 21/3/19 Sample observed at CMR National PU College, ITPL on 21/3/19 People involved: Lecturers at CMR PU – Ms. Anitha, Ms. Kruti, Ms. Arpita,…

Hands-on Training Workshop on Foldscope and Its Applications- #Indiafoldscopephase 1

Place: Department of Microbiology, University of Agricultural Sciences, Bengaluru, Karnataka Audience: Post graduate, Ph.D students and Faculty (91 participants). Date: 18.03.2019 Samples studied: 1. Amoeba, Euglena 2. Pond water sample 4. Diseased leaf samples, spores of fungus 5. Bacteria and fungus 6. Stomata, leaf and flower microstructure


Cheek cells