STUDENT NAMES: Keenisha Kannan and Jasmine Kaur COLLEGE/SCHOOL: CMR National PU College, ITPL, Bangalore. SPECIMEN: Papaya peel, Watermelon peel, Pomegranate peel and Tomato peel SPECIMEN OBSERVED AT: CMR National PU College at ITPL, Bangalore on 9nd July 2019 On 9th July we observed sections of different fruit peels under foldscope.

Observation of HCC patients FNAC sample under foldscope.

The figure shows cluster of large pleomorphic cells with abundant cytoplasm, vesicular nuclei and prominent nucleoli in an aspirate from a case of hepatocellular carcinoma.  Images taken with Foldscope attaching Lenovo K6-Note android cell phone. Fig  b (2X), c (3X), d (4X)  are zoom out images of Fig a.

Help me to identify this nematode

This sample also collected by XISc students from Karang Island, Manupur during Field Exposure Trip. It seems to be a nematode so kindly help to identify this sample.

Is it a Brachionus?

This sample is collected by the XISc students during Field Exposure Trip at Karang Island, Manipur. It looks like Brachionus so kindly help proper identification.

Saltatorial insect legs with claws under Foldscope

The claws are the final (furthest from the body) segment in the leg of an insect. Most insects possess two claws on each leg. Claws are present in the saltatorial leg types are observed and identified through foldscope.