Ginger peel and Red fibres in a foldscope

These pictures show how the red fibres at the upper end of a ginger look like when seen under a foldscope. Some people refer to the red part as the stem. These pictures show how the structure of a ginger peel is when seen under a foldscope.  

From laboratory to field – the story of an Orchid

I am fascinated by orchids and that happens to be my area of interest. Learning foldscopy at a workshop @ GGDSD, Chandigarh, It was now time for exploring. I requested the foldscope team @ GGDSD Chandigarh for a visit to Botany Museum and Orchid propagation facility at Botany department, Panjab University, Chandigarh. I acknowledge Dr….

Acervulli of Colletotrichum gloeosporioides


Pollen grain of white spider lily flower.

Wing of Carpenter Bee

The wing in nature looks black, but after looking under foldscope it was totally different.

Observed the head and tail part of zebrafish

In the tail region we can see the vertebral arrangement along with the caudal fin. Eyes are the first thing to be observerd, they are mezmerizing. The fries were of 72 hrs when observed.

ovules in hibiscus flower

Iam Manasa studing 8th class ,i observed the ovules in ovary of the appears like egg was very interested to observe under foldscope.thank you Manu sir for giving this opportunity.  

Exchanges of Gaseous in plant

I  observed  stomata cells under foldscope it was amazing.because  through this cells leaf inhale of gaseous like carbondioxide and exhale of oxygens. G.Naveen,9th class,ZPHS Vijalapuram.

T.S of dicot stem( Tridax )

I made the Transverse section of Dicot stem i.e. tridax.then prepared the slide preparation of stem section.i observed under foldscope .i was very curiosity .the cells colours were we can see the xylem and pholem cells,parenchyma cells.  

Curiosity meets the culinary!

Leaves of the Curry tree (Murraya koenigii) are a key ingredient of many Indian dishes.  While handling curry leaves in my kitchen, I noticed some brownish spots under the leaves (Fig. 1). This triggered my curiosity and I observed these spots under the foldscope.                   The brown…

flower cells of Hibiscus

Today i came to agastya .i went to lets lab swapna madam told to observe different cells in flowers.iam interested to observe cells in hibiscus flower which available  in my house. i  prepared the slide preparation and observed under was amazing the cells are rectangle shape.

Hibiscus leaf cells

My self iam Thasmeya,9th class. i am very interseted to see the tissues in different leaf.but i selected hibiscus leaf and observed under foldscope .it is very easy to handle the foldscope and very easy and clarity to observe.iam so happy for visiting Agastya international foundation.  

Insect antenna through foldscope

Observed filiform antenna from insect antenna part under foldscope. It was curious to observe filiform antenna structure in detail using foldscope.

observation of Algae under foldscope

Feeling happy to observe algae under foldscope.Even algae too can be seen under foldscope. Happy to carry out furthur observation for more samples under foldscope.

Movement of Tetranychus urticae observed under foldscope

  Tetranychus urticae, commonly known as two-spotted spider mite is a plant feeding mite considered as a major pest of many crops all over the world. It sucks the sap from the leaves and causes severe yellowing which leads to ultimate death of the plant.

Foldscope Utility Workshop

The workshop is conducted in a Government High Secondary School chikali in a rural area of Ujjain by the team of Department of Paediatric of R D Gardi Medical College, Ujjain M.P.  

#Indiafoldscopephase1 Hydra video

We at SIES College Sion Mumbai got Hydra from CUBE labs and been culturing them for few months now but this is the first video of them from us.


We assembled our fold scope microscope and taken some pictures of Rhizome…… Easy to assemble it……. Amazing…..…….  This post is open to read and review on The Winnower.