La observación de hoy es la planta que encontramos en la calle y se nos pega en la ropa. Algunos la conocen como cadillo. Coloqué un mozote seco y delgado en el portaobjetos. Logré ver unas líneas de color verde y oscuras. Se lograron ver algunas manchas de color naranja. Tomé un mozote grueso. La…

It’s Iniyan from India

I am Iniyan from India.I started my foldsope using from 2015 now my team was started a (Algal Bloom Monitoring) project with open field collective.


Cosmarium is a type of green algae

Algae and the plant

In this picture the long structure is the green algae and the green color part is actually the cell of vallisneria leaf, in this picture we could see how an algae has been attached to the plant

Water mite

Water mites are also known as Hydrachnidia.This was found in the leaf of amazon frog bit (a type of aquatic plant)


Cosmarium (genus name) is a type of green algae

Thread algae

Thread algae is a type of green algae which will be long and filameous, which appears like a thread

Star Fruit cells and sap

its star fruit, very sour in taste- very very sourrrrr. I didn’t have proper lighting so images may look a bit shady.

Pollen grain of Corchorus

Saw the pollen grains of Corchorus under a foldscope found it growing around my house. Approx size is 45 microns.


This is a image of a single leaf of hornwort plant (an aquatic plant)

Thread algae

This is a thred algae which was grown in fish tank.In the second picture the chitin cell wall of the algae can be seen

Authorized seller in the Philippines

Im a Foldscope user here in the Philippines i buy my foldscope in shopee (like an Amazon here in ph) I would like just to tell that i hope Foldscope instrument would have a authorized seller here in ph because if i buy a product in the shipping fee is 100$ and if you…

Cheek cell under foldscope

Last time I saw individual blood cell under foldscope. So I thought about cheek cell. I took a cotton bud and little saliva from my cheek and put it on a glass slide. I used blue food colour as dye. Then put a cover on it and put it under foldscope. I was quite happy…