Popularisation of Foldscope

On July 10, 2018Popuarisation of Foldscope: Indian Council of Agricultural Research Complex - NEH Region, Mizoram Centre, Kolasib

Microstomum lineare ?

This is another giant flatworm from the same habitat. It was really incredible to see the feeding behavior of this worm under the foldscope. I consider it as Microstomum lineare after consulting the available information on the species. I request @ Manu sir, to validate the identification. Cheers,


In the same location from my last post I have spotted this giant ciliate in action. The movement of the organism is awesome. The location almost filled with rotten hydrophytes that making it a treasure trove of microorganism. After hours of observation when it gradually slowed down its movement, the ciliated frontal parts were found…

लहान शास्त्रज्ञांना मिळाली फोल्डस्कोपची माहिती

सामाजिक जाणीव म्हणून सत्यविजय SRA संस्थेतील लहान मोठ्या विद्यार्थी ना मक्रोस्कोपी च्या माध्यमातून जसे संशॊधन करता येते तसेच संशोधन foldscope च्या माध्यमातून हि करता येऊ शकते व त्यांना कमी खर्च व कमी वेळेमध्ये चांगले संशोधन करता येऊ शकते याची जाणीव व्हावी व आवड निर्माण व्हावी म्हणून त्यांना मिक्रोस्कोपी व फोल्ड स्कॉपी यांची माहिती देण्यात आली…

Phacus Sp.

Micro-algae always render my fascination whenever I got chance to observe them under foldscope. This time after viewing the collected sample, this Phacus species have concerned my observation. This unicellular alga has beautiful ornamentation. It exhibits certain features by its flat, leaf like structure. This Euglenozoa species also indicate the organic pollution level of the…

Zoo Plankton

This is a kind of zooplankton, which is collected from the mudflat of Pazhaiyar tidal flat, Tamil Nadu, India.

Foldscope introduced in NEPAL.

cycas cone

cycas cone (2)Download cycas cone (1)Download cycas cone (2)Download

One day Training program on Foldscope

Students from Govt. Middle School – kelakorkkai – Thiruthuraipundi Basic construction and working of foldscope explained and hands-on Training to prepare microscope slides #foldscopeindiaphase1 #ssn


We found this feather of a pigeon. Ekya School J.P. nagar