Ovary of Hibiscus rojasinesis plant

  Student{Mr. Praveen,7th class}  from  ZPHS gudupalli were very interested  to see the ovary of Hibiscus plant. it was very amazing to observe the ovules ,locules and vascular bundles.

chlorophyll observed in Guava leaf

students from 9th class were eager to learn chlorophyll structure and stomata cells . they prepared the slide and observed under the foldscope.

T.S. Of Black board Duster

When the students came to lab when they saw plant of tridax, they asked that with the help of tridax we are rubbing the slates and black board, but we didn’t saw how the internal stem look like? With the help of fold scope can you show me how it looks.

petal of hibiscuses plant

I had collected hibiscus flower petals.I placed little bit of petal on the slide and observed under foldscope.it is a wonder to me.because this is my first  experience of using foldscope thank you u sir.

Moong dal granules

I was interested to see the granules in pulses. I added iodine to the moong dal paste. then placed a drop of solution on the slide and focused under foldscope.i can see the the oval shape granules.

Microbes entry on Bahunia purpurea fruit

when our house keeping workers were collecting the dry fruits and leafs, they have observed that some black and brown patches on the fruit .they came to me and asked what is that ,i said it is an a microorganisms. they asked me to show. with the help of foldscope they had observed the microorganisms….

Possible Applications, Modifications, Improvements

When I first got my hands on the foldscope, I was blown away. It was one thing to see someone else using it, and to see the images they got from it, but it was a whole new experience seeing it happen for myself. It seems almost impossible that such as small, simple device could…

Saving the Ganga Lake

For the past 10 years, my grandfather, poet laureate G. Mend-Ooyo, has been rallying to protect and now save the Ganga lake, in his home province in Sukhbaatar, Mongolia. This lake is very near and dear to his heart, and to that of many other Mongolians. The lake is said to have been seeded by…

The Nomadic Scientist

Hello everyone! My name is Bilguudei (Billy) Naranbaatar. I am a fourth year undergraduate student at UCLA majoring in Molecular Cell and Developmental Biology. I am also from Mongolia, a country that is almost entirely open steppe, and populated by a still nomadic people. One of my main goals in studying in the United States…

Freshwater algae?

I recently examined a water sample from the reservoir at Pinnacles National Park in California. I saw some cool  cells–I think they are filamentous algae? I am intrigued by the alternation of clear and green (chlorophyll containing) regions.    

Worm captured in foldscope

I went for a walk in Big Canyon park in San Carlos, CA with my dog  after several days of rain. I picked up a piece of rotting wood and brought it home to check out w/ the foldscope. There was a layer of mud adhering to the bottom of the wood, and I saw…

Surprise/quiz mystery object 

Dear Foldscope community,  Once a while out in the wild; we see something that really blows our mind. It’s even better when it’s at a microscopic scale.  Here is a question for all of you – try to guess what this is. Just for length scale – this is an object that’s 100um or so. …

Insect wing

Insect wing found in pollen samples taken from a nectarivorous bat of the genus Glossophaga Marisol Martínez

Help me identify these ciliates and flagellates

Without much ado, here are 5 unicellular eukaryotes that were growing in my lichen suspensions. These emerged after almost 4 weeks. I took these videos at the beginning of the year,  and only now found time to collate them. Could you help me identify these? BTW, even after 4 months, I have nematodes and rotifers thriving…


dont think its lays…but it is mosquito wing yellow candies the wall of cells guess this sweet thing tat add sugar to ur food caterpillar leg garlic skin king fruits leaf dil mage more……blood Stalk of cumin Not a planet,just a part of a plant🌿 Glucose Sugar crystal Vicks piece Chickpea (chana dal) Pigeon pea...

A quick post to share some observations

Dear foldscope community: This is going to be a short post  due to such a busy time I am having. Just wanted to share with you a bit of the  hidden beauty  foldscope is allowing many of us to unveal. Isn't this a gorgeous adventure! A few days ago I was trying to image epidermal...


Corte histológico transversal do caule de uma espécie não identificada.

Nothing is sharp even if paper cuts your hand

Recently i got a paper cut in my finger while i was writing my assignment. I asked myself how is this even possible DROP ASSIGNMENT TAKES THE PAPER OPENS BOX TAKE THE FOLDSCOPE MINDBLOWN. Though it was cut highly presise by machines in the industry , its not.  I was even able to see the…

Lingzhi Mushroom and Leaf

  The first black and white images, which seem more like images of the moon, are actually low-power images of the surface of a Lingzhi mushroom bud. I look forward to capturing them in higher power next time and for following the Lingzhi mushroom throughout its maturation process. The second set of green images are…

A Lousy day and permanent slides

A few months ago, a young micronaut, Aditi, had a lice infestation on her hair and before subjecting her to the lice treatment we got a couple of the critters and foldscoped them.  Without much ado here are the  collated videos. One of the things I have been wanting to do is to make some permanent…

Further adventures at lake Lagunita

With rains pouring upon us (which is a good thing for California); we decided to meet at Lake Lagunita for a quick Foldscope session. I had never seen lake Laguinta filled before (remember my past post about finding spider eggs in lake Laguinta here: https://microcosmos.foldscope.com/?p=7652)  Today morning was a different story. We gathered at the…

Copepods at Lake Lagunita on a Rainy Day

Today Manu Prakash showed us where to look for interesting microbial action.  He also shared  some tips on using the foldscope.  This sample was collected from Lake Lagunita and the movie was taken by Manu. Enjoy!  

Feature of a Pigeon Feather

Colour differs but it looks like same pattern in foldscope. Feathers grow epidermal growth that form the distinctive outer covering plumage on birds.