Moss in my garde

I located some moss plants growing in a shady corner of my garden.  On foldscoping, I could make out these were moss protonema (i.e. juvenile moss plants). On germination spores of mosses form green filamentous leafy structures that usually lak midrib. These are called Primary protonema. These then give way to slightly big leafy structures called…

9class students have observed cells in onion peel

Help me identify these

I’m totally new to the world of microcosmos. My formal academic background in biology ends at 10th grade(In India). This is a drop of puddle water, and looks like someone’s having breakfast! Can someone help me identify this predator and the prey? (I have probably misunderstood the scene. Experts suggested this is probably a mating…

Flat worm

The sample is collected from an unused pond by our students and observed under foldscope. The following structure is obtained by attaching cellphone to the foldscope.

Demonstration of foldscope to the students of GP Women's College Imphal, Manipur. By N. Nnando24

Raw Honey – polarizing light clip

Raw Honey often contains pollen and tiny bits of beeswax. I think the structure at about 4 o’clock maybe wax, but am not sure if I can say so confidently. As you watch the clip under polarized light, you can see the sugar (primarily glucose and fructose) crystals shimmering. Ambient room temperature is quite high…

TeamFoldscope heading out to Latin America

Friends from Latin America, After a month of planning; Team Foldscope is off to Latin America. This has been a long time coming; with partners around the world. It just took us some time to gather together the resources to make a big trip (thanks for all the support). In this first round, we will…

Raw Honey (Unpasteurized)

Raw Honey plane polarized light.  You can see some of the crystalline structure of the sugars here.  

A succulent houseplant- Pepromia under foldscope

There is an evergreen, succulent plant – Pepromia growing in a pot in my courtyard. I observed safranin stained transverse sections of the stem to observe its vascular bundles arranged in a ring under the foldscope. Epidermal peel of the leaf revealed irregular cells with presence of secondary metabolites and some aqueous sap filled cells….

Diseased mango leaf

I spotted a fallen diseased mango leaf under the mango tree growing in my neighborhood. On performing foldscopy it was seen there were brown coloured necrotic patches, with yellowing of leaves around. On teasing the small brown spots, reddish circular spores of an unknown pathogen were seen.   This post is open to read and…

Ferrous Sulphate

We the students of CMR National PU college,ITPL observed the Ferrous Sulphate under the flodscope.

Copper Sulphate

I,Soumya a student CMR National PU college,ITPL observed Copper sulphate under the flodscope on 12th July 2018

Potassium Thiocyanate

I,along with my fellow students at CMR,National PU college at ITPL ,Bangalore observed the salt Potassium Thiocyanate under a foldscope on 12th July, 2018. It was quite pleasant  to look at this salt under the lens. The structure of the salt obtained has a very fascinating pattern to it.  This was my first time experiencing…

Hair follicle


The section from a skin biopsy shows hyperplastic, hyperkeratotic covering squamous epithelium, elongated rete ridges, spongiosis and papillary oedema as seen under Foldscope from Department of Pathology of R D Gardi Medical College, Ujjain


The section shows endometrial tissue with glands and stroma as seen under Foldscope from Department of Pathology of R D Gardi Medical College, Ujjain


Endocervix lined by columnar epithelium along with squamous metaplasia at one place as seen under Foldscope from Department of Pathology of R D Gardi Medical College, Ujjain

Green Algae

Green algae found nearby water tank placed in a school area as seen under Foldscope during foldscope workshop from R D Gardi Medical College, Ujjain

Foldscope Workshop

Foldscope as a tool to magnify the curiosity of school student, workshop in rural school by the team of Foldscope from R D Gardi Medical College, Ujjain