Section show intestinal wall showing sub-mucosa and mucosa containing villi goblet cells and mild inflammatory cell as seen under "Foldscope"

One day Workshop on Foldscope for School students

Workshop at Regional Museum of Natural History (RMNH) Bhopal in which many schools of Bhopal participated and learnt about Foldscope on 29/09/2018 where students and teachers of more than 12 schools participated. The students were very much fascinated about the instrument and very curious about using it.


Department of Environmental Science, University of Calcutta, organised a workshop on “Role of Foldscope in Organic Farming” at Vivekananda Institute of Biotechnology, Sri Ramkrishna Ashram, Nimpith, West Bengal, India on 6th April, 2019. Introductory phase- In this phase, basic introduction of foldscope was given to all the participants. Demonstration Phase- In this phase, we demonstrated…

One day workshop on foldscope at the Nature Study camp

Department of Environmental Science, University of Calcutta, organised a workshop on, “Magnify your curiosity- Explore The Microcosmos with Foldscope” at Joygopalpur, West Bengal, India on 27th March 2019. Introductory phase- The workshop started with giving a basic idea of nature to the participants. After that, a brief idea of the microscopic world was given to…

Brown Algae Observation Using Foldscope.

The name of the brown algae class is Phaeophyceae. These brown algae belong to the group Heterokontophyta. Brown algae used as a food and as a habitat. Brown algae found in a wide range of sizes and forms. When we observe this brown algae under foldscope it look like this.

Cassia javanica pollinater and pollen observation

Cassia javanica family facaceae with milky pink colour flower was collected from Aizawl forest on 20/04/2019 for pollen observation. Bee pollinater are also observed in the tree for pollination. The pollinater bee is collected and observed under foldscope for pollen carrying load.

One Day Workshop on the use of Foldscope

Department of Environmental Science, University of Calcutta jointly with Department of Physics, Pandit Deendayal Upadhyaya Adarsha Mahavidyalaya, organised a workshop on Foldscope on 28th March 2019. Introductory Session- Since the participants of this workshop previously had exposure to foldscope, the workshop was for advanced students. This session began with a basic introduction to foldscope and…

Introducing Foldscope to Bunch of Degree students from Assam

A Batch of 54 Students of Chemistry , Botany and Zoology from Kaziranga University and Jorhat Kendriya Mahavidyalaya respectively and were introduced with Foldscope and its trial application on sericulture dated on 13th March, 2019 . They were also updated about the other ongoing on works related to foldscope on microcosmos site all over the…

Desarrollo embrionario de mosquito // Embryo development of mosquito

Hace tiempo conseguí agua estancada en un drenaje, y tenía muchas larvas de mosquito. Además había algo flotando que desconocía y que resultaron ser puestas de huevos. Las siguientes fotos muestran una semana de desarrollo, en la que se vé como se forman los segmentos y la cabeza. Los huevos no resistieron el trato, se…

Wish Challenge

Hello Foldscope community, Let’s make some changes in the way we use this community. Usually being part of a challenge moves us to be active continuously and work hard. So what I would like to suggest is to turn Microcosmos platform to a Q & A game challenge to fulfil a wish. Read more below,…


Pollen grain of common ornamental shrub “red bird flower”

Making Slides in Your Spring Gardens

The goal of Foldscoping these spring flowers was to experiment with the most accessible and easy to use tools to gather samples. I am forever amazed by this world of the microcosms! I am even more amazed that a paper microscope, tape, a paper slide & my iPad & cell phone can capture these images.

Leves of papaya

Questions is. what is the deasies In leave or lake of nutrition guid me for it


Section show fibro-fatty tissue with mature adipocytes as seen under Foldscope.

Prostatic hyperplasia

Section shows normal prostatic tissue with back to back arrangement of glands with columnar epithelium as seen under Foldscope.