Sweet corn

சுவீட் கார்ன் ல் இரண்டு பகுதிகளை மடிப்பு நுண்ணோக்கியில் பார்த்தோம். 1 அதன் தோல் பகுதி. 2. அதன் முடி. தோல் பகுதியை பதிவு செய்த போது அதன் இலை துலைகளை பதிவு செய்ய முடிந்தது. அற்புதமான அனுபவம் இது.

Computer Screens!

Try this one at home, Meerkats! This is the foldscope pressed to my white computer screen. Why do you think this happens? Here is a link to show you what to do: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=k8are1ARE_U&list=PLnO8NcEb6LFzFRr9e7ChIgEMl4cV88-ww&index=8 #elementary #MoreheadMontessori #computer

Butterfly Wings & Upper El

My remote classroom of 61 4th & 5th graders all received Foldscopes to use from home. Here is the first thing we looked at in our class- the scales on a butterfly wing. They were very shiny, almost rainbow-like.

An insect under a foldscope

Found this insect lying around in our balcony near the window. This is my first time imaging an insect! I was able to take a few pretty pictures of its body parts before I squished it bad!!!!!

Plant cell

It is the image of cell of fox tail plant

Tulips under the foldscope

We got some tulips a couple of weeks ago. Here is a timelapse of them blooming We took some images of the pollens and petals after they finished blooming. A couple of images of their pollens under the foldscope: Some images of their petals. Aren’t these the prettiest color palletes and the artwork of one…

Fern Pinnae

Pinnae EdgeYoung Pinnae TipPinnae mid vein with side veinsPinnae mid vein with side veins Pinnae edgePinnae edge

Identification of E. coli in water samples?

Hello. I am trying to identify E. coli in water after a smear and a simple stain with crystal violet. I am using the 140X magnification lens plus 2X zoom from a mobile device, but the images obtained do not provide a clear visualization of E. coli cells. I attached two images of E. coli…

Insect Scorpion

This little insect is too small to be seen clearly with unaided eyes. It looks black in colour and it randomly bit me, it’s bite is just like a sting of a mosquito. I don’t know what it’s called hence, I name this little insect ‘Insect Scorpion’.

My first foldscope experience

Received my foldscope today. I was so concerned about the proper assembling, but was thoroughly relieved to see that it indeed works well. This was the magnification of a tiny leaf of pudina (Mentha) plant in my garden. I’m so happy right now 🥰