Pollen: Maya’s friends

These and more pictures have been taken by MaCTec Girls, Maya’s friends group. “Foldscope Raffle”

Hallway House Dust

Cropped image of house dust sampled on a piece of clear tape, showing a diagonal hair and some blue (clothing?) fibres, along with unidentified other microparticles. Uncropped full field view of dust sample

भेंडी/ भिंडी/ Okra through the Foldscope

भेंडी माइक्रोस्कोप मधून कसा दिसतो? भिंडी माइक्रोस्कोप में से कैसा दिखती है? How does Okra looks through the Foldscope? Photos taken with d Foldscope.

Different types of mosquitoes under foldscope

Keeping eye on different types of mosquitoes entering in the house, and today found the Aedes Aegypti! My first post with foldscope. Thanks@ @Edurafi for giving the one. Thanks @TeamFoldscope for making such a useful tool…

Iridescent Scales of Common Jay Butterfly.

Biology, Nature. Where do butterflies get their striking colors? Wing of a Common Jay (Graphium doson) Papilionidae . Butterflies actually get their colors from Ordinary(pigmented) and Structural color The ordinary comes from pigments Structural color is due to Iridescence