I celebrate Earth Day with Foldscope

I went to my garden and in 1 meter i collect lot of sample. Like,dry leaf, leaf,soil,ant etc. My garden picture. My fold scope Dry leaf Sample Leaf Sample Soil sample Foldscope is amazing and cool thing. I can see which what would not see in my normal eye. Foldscope is the best thing. Thank…

what is water bear?

Tardigrades, often called water bears or moss piglets, are near-microscopic animals with long, plump bodies and scrunched-up heads. They have eight legs, and hands with four to eight claws on each. While strangely cute, these tiny animals are almost indestructible and can even survive in outer space. Tardigrades, known colloquially as water bears or moss piglets,…

butter fly

i found a butter fly die , so i got the idea to take a sample of the wings. first i wash the wing after 6 minute i put it into foldscope.

fly wings

this is a sample of a wings but i do not know what type of fly it was .