Detritus worm

Detritus worms are nematodes which can be seen commonly in aquariums.


Cosmarium is a type of green algae

Algae and the plant

In this picture the long structure is the green algae and the green color part is actually the cell of vallisneria leaf, in this picture we could see how an algae has been attached to the plant

Water mite

Water mites are also known as Hydrachnidia.This was found in the leaf of amazon frog bit (a type of aquatic plant)


Cosmarium (genus name) is a type of green algae

Thread algae

Thread algae is a type of green algae which will be long and filameous, which appears like a thread


This is a image of a single leaf of hornwort plant (an aquatic plant)

Thread algae

This is a thred algae which was grown in fish tank.In the second picture the chitin cell wall of the algae can be seen


This is a type of rotifer (monogonota) with a single flagella which looks like a tail,

Microscopic art

This is a microscopic image of a plant part, to this two air bubbles were formed on both sides in such way that it resemble the shape of kidneys

Red ball

This is the picture of the cells of a aquatic plant

Cabomba plant

This is the picture of secondary laterals of cambomba plant


Gastrotrichs, is a type of metazoans (meio fauna), the are little lager than microbes and smaller than macro organisms