This is a type of rotifer (monogonota) with a single flagella which looks like a tail,

Microscopic art

This is a microscopic image of a plant part, to this two air bubbles were formed on both sides in such way that it resemble the shape of kidneys

Red ball

This is the picture of the cells of a aquatic plant

Cabomba plant

This is the picture of secondary laterals of cambomba plant


Gastrotrichs, is a type of metazoans (meio fauna), the are little lager than microbes and smaller than macro organisms

Green ball

This is the image of chlorophyll pigmented cells of a aquatic plant


This is the picture of tardigrade, It was first time seeing a tardigrade be me, This tardigrade was seen in the leaves of salvinia , a type aquatic plant


Varieties of algaes seen while observing the water sample taken from the aquarium

Flat worm

This is a type of a flat worm, it is aquatic

A microbe

In this picture , presence of a microbe can be seen, I am not sure whether it is a microbe or not

Bioluminescent microbe

This is the picture of a bioluminescent microbe while I was examing the microbes in the water sample that was collected from vellayani lake, Thiruvananthapuram, It is the first time spotting a bioluminescent microbe from this lake, It will be showing a fluorescent red color This is the picture of that microbe without exhibiting the...