Hang in there, algae…

Close-ups of algae from the Central Californian intertidal! Even after hanging out in a water bottle for ~1 month in my fridge, some features are still distinguishable, like ancient art work! That’s some hardy biological material. Next time for the fresh stuff… #foldscope

Sea Salt

Can you guess what this is? Hint: it’s leftover from a puddle of seawater. It’s sea salt! We all know the ocean is salty, but in these photos you can actually see the salt crystals that remain after ocean water evaporates. #foldscope

Products from the Sea

You might know that some of the products you use every day contain ingredients that come from the ocean. From calcifying microorganisms to algae, marine ecology plays a role right in our homes. Carrageenen, for example, is a thickening agent that is extracted from red algae. Products that often contain ocean-borne ingredients are sunscreen, makeup, and toothpaste….