Foldscope Workshop in Trichy, India – Student Reports

Note: This post is continuing from Foldscope Workshop in Trichy, India – DC Micronauts which describes in detail the workshop that was conducted a couple days ago. Each and every student that attended the workshop completed a report on what they observed under the Foldscope, either of a sample they made or a pre-prepared slide….

Foldscope Workshop in Trichy, India – DC Micronauts

Oh my Foldscope! Today, my sister Keerthi and I represented the DC Micronauts and conducted an amazing Foldscope Workshop in a rural school called CREA Children Academy Matriculation Higher Secondary School in Tiruchirappalli (Trichy), India. Over forty high school students, along with four teachers and a mentor participated in the workshop. The students participated in pairs, with…

Squirmy the Worm-y

Nature Hunting: Day 2! In our backyard, we found a puddle that had many interesting organisms in it, including an aquatic worm. It was very interesting to observe. Initial observations showed it was short, thin, and very energetic. So, we put it under our foldscopes and saw that there were many parts to the worm….

A Wild (Strawberry) Adventure!

Today, we went for a walk around our neighborhood and saw lots of wild strawberries. We thought that they’d be interesting to check out so we both picked a couple and put them under our Foldscopes. The strawberries are very round and not very transparent, so when we got home we sliced them into two…