Magnification of Yellow Pollen

I picked, dried, and dusted a slide with yellow pollen from a flower on campus. I collected the sample from a decorative flowering bush on Stanford campus, California near Wilber dining. I was particularly interested in how the pollen would appear under magnification and if I could see individual pollen granules. I peeled back the…

Magnification of Cape honeysuckle petal

I picked, dried, magnified and photographed a cape honeysuckle. I collected the sample from a decorative plant near EVGRA on Stanford campus, California. This flower was interesting to me of its bright orange color. I wanted to see what the cells of such a distinctively colored flower would look like and I also wanted to find out if the petal was translucent enough to be magnified. I isolated a few petals and pressed them in the spine of a book for twelve days. Then I selected one petal, placed it between two slides and secured the slides with scotch tape. I then placed the slide in my foldscope, positioned the foldscope above a light source, and adjusted my focus until the image was clear. This was the resulting image. This post is for a Bio60_2021 class assignment.