Pimple under foldscope

I was curious what will look like under in foldscope so I squeeze my pimple since when i tried to see it in a whole all i can see is just black since the light cannot pass through into the whole pimple so I squeeze it so that i can see it

Msg under foldscope

Msg is different from salt, salt have an cube shape while the Msg have a rectangular shape. Msg is really interesting to see

Instant noodle seasoning in foldscope

I was cooking some instant noodles to us to eat and i was curious what will i saw if a put the seasoning powder in my foldscope and here’s the results

How to prepare water samples

Can you tell me how to prepare any water samples in foldscope im was struggling to see water samples since I don’t have any cover glass/slip and the deluxe kit don’t provide any materials for water samples plss help me

Head lice under foldscope

When i was watching tv i just saw lice from my sister head, some people found this disgusting but I removed the lice from my sister hair and put it in my slide and directly put it in my fold scope

Pork meat under foldscope

My dad was cooking dinner for us to eat but i was also thinking that what will i see if i put the very thin sliced of meat in the foldscope and the result surprise me, here’s the pictures