Thread algae

Long thread like structure, image of Thread algae observed using Foldscope. The sample was obtained from water pond, found nearby projekt inspire Office. On navigating around the sample mounted on slide , also water ciliates were seen roaming around.


Red boundary cell wall and silver seed like structure found at the middle , it is the image of kelp observed using foldscope.The image was clearly seen under 140x magnification. Kelps are large group of brown algae seaweed that make up the order Laminariales.

Foldscope workshop for primary school students in Tanzania.

Foldscope session conducted at St. Joseph primary school , as part of rising stem star session conducted by projekt inspire team . Students were able to explore micro-world , to capture new knowledge related to science of living things and they saw how microworld appeared under 140x magnification using foldscope.