Amazing flowers

Foldscope activities,  kids in Innovation Hub at Agastya.Students explored the foldscope view of different flowers which was found  in Agastya Campus. Its a really wonderful field cum Lab activity         

Beauty of leaf patterns

Students observed different plant leaves pattern under the fold scope without any stain.  Here are the Beauty of leaf patterns….                             

Experiencing the experience of samples under Fold scope

In Anubhav Fair At Agastya Students, Teachers and Community are seeing the different samples using Fold scope. Everybody felt How its possible, Amazed about the Foldscope and the clarity of the specimen they saw in it.

Irritating Mosquito Under FS

When my 6 years son is preparing for the exams. He told that mosquitoes are biting and irritating Amma. Ceiling Fan is running with high speed, All out is on, but no use at all. These mosquitoes are keep on biting us. After half an hour we saw few mosquitoes are fallen on the floor….

Micro View through Foldscope _Fair at Agastya

Micro View through Foldscope corner :  30th November and 1st December in Agastya Creativity kuppsm Campus Organized a Science fair.  We showcased the  pictures taken by students from  Foldscope – like different  flowers, pollen grains, grams cells, different leave cells, pond organisms, micro organisams  etc… 2000+ Students, 100+ Teachers from 27 schools, Visitors from different states …

Textbooks to Hands on Experience through Flodscope

PUC Kamasamudram, Karnataka 1st year students explored about the different types of cells using Fold scope. They were really surprised to see the check cells, plant cells under the fold scope. 2nd year batch students curiously observed the Mosquito, and pond water samples. They studied upto 10th std science, but they never used a Microscope….

Tabernaemontana divaricata Foldscope view

Foldscope view of Tabernaemontana divaricata flower which was commonly known as Nandivardham in South India. I used the single petal of  Nandivardanam flower, I focoused it biy I have not seen anything in Flodscope in my first trail . In my second trail I got Amazing things in it. I have learnt a lesson through…

DBT India workshop

We had a great time at Sangharsh Nagar BMC Urdu School & IIT Bombay at Mumbai with Prof. Manu and Jim. We made a new foldscope with children and obseved few samples. Interacting with Manu and jim makes me happy and learnng from them makes me more happy. Day 1 Evening we observed plant samples…

Organisms grown on Agar Brain

Hi everyone its interesting  finding that our children have prepared the Brain gel to study the brain structure, bending curves, softness and some more characters. They have kept the molded brain gel like that. Interestingly 2 days after they have got a fungus grown on the agar brain. students were surprised to see the fungus/ bacteria…

Clothes from Colorful fibers

We all were colorful clothes everyday. We are focusing on color, design, quality and variety. But we never seen about the fibers in it directly. Here i have explored with few types of clothes like  polyester, Cotton, nylon etc…

Crystals Under foldscope

While taking a session on crystallization , we got a thought to have a look at crystals through fold scope. We observed Ammonium dichromate, Potassium dichromate, copper sulphate and potassium permagnate    

Curiousity of 5 years Child

My five year child “Poojith” was curios about foldscope and asked me what it is used for. Then together we explored with coriander leaf and  curry leaf, this excited him a lot and he by himself got onion peel, placed it under foldscope and then went Wow on seeing it. The excitement continued and he…

In-depth understanding of leaves through Foldscope

Yesterday in my class one of the 6th class student from Gudipalli was asked a very interesting question – Plants doesn’t have Nose. Then how it breath. We have explained that Plants ‘breathe’ too, but they do it through tiny openings in leaves called stomata. Stomata open and close to allow the intake of carbon…

Curious to Know the plant name

I have seen a different leaf structure in this plant, The bonding structure was very interesting. Can you help me to find out the plant name.  

Just to Explore the leaf structures

Grass back view                                Grass front view                                                       Bell flower leaves back view    …

Stomato observed in Common weeds at Agastya

In Agastya International Foundation, Kuppam campus we have observed common weeds, but we dont know its scientific name or common local names. Today we  have observed these weeds leaves under the fold scope.

Pollen grains observed in these plants

 (Sunflower variety) Title of the post- (ఫోల్డ్స్కోప్ లో చుసిన పుప్పొడి రేణువులు) These are the 2 plant flower pollen grains  we have observed in the fold scope.

అగస్త్య బయో-డిస్కవరీ ల్యాబ్ లో ఫోల్డ్ స్కోప్ ద్వారా చుసిన అద్భుత దృశ్యాలు

మొట్ట మొదట మేము చూసినప్పుడు అది ఒక వానపాముల ఇటుప్రక్క అటుప్రక్కకు కదులుతూ ఉన్నది. మొదట చూసినప్పుడు నాకు కొంచెం భయం వేసింది. అది చాల పెద్దగా నా కళ్ళుకు కనబడింది. పాచి లో చూసినప్పుడు నాకు ఒక పురుగు లాంటిది కదులుతూ కనబడింది. అది మరొక పురుగును తింటూ ఉన్నది. ఆ తింటున్న పురుగు చాల సన్నగా, పారదర్శకంగా కనబడుతున్నది. కే. సురేష్, ఎం. వేణు & యస్ అరుణ్ కుమార్ 9 వ తరగతి,…

Fold scope activities at Agastya

Today me and my students explored about pond water through the Fold-scope. They have observed few organisms. We have observed the young inside as miniature version of the adult worm.  We have seen something else in other snaps. Can any one help us in identifying it.   –