pollen grains of tridax

iam interesed to see the pollen grains of tridax.I collected the flower in the field and i had taken little amount of pollen grains and placed on the slide .then observed under foldscope.it was beautiful structure and colour.

green peas granules

my self i collected the green peas in canteen and prepared the paste of green peas with the help of motar and pistle.then little bit of paste were taken on the slide and observed under foldscope.it seems like small oval shape.  

ovules in hibiscus flower

Iam Manasa studing 8th class ,i observed the ovules in ovary of the flower.it appears like egg shape.it was very interested to observe under foldscope.thank you Manu sir for giving this opportunity.  

Exchanges of Gaseous in plant

I  observed  stomata cells under foldscope it was amazing.because  through this cells leaf inhale of gaseous like carbondioxide and exhale of oxygens. G.Naveen,9th class,ZPHS Vijalapuram.

T.S of dicot stem( Tridax )

I made the Transverse section of Dicot stem i.e. tridax.then prepared the slide preparation of stem section.i observed under foldscope .i was very curiosity .the cells colours were different.here we can see the xylem and pholem cells,parenchyma cells.  

flower cells of Hibiscus

Today i came to agastya .i went to lets lab swapna madam told to observe different cells in flowers.iam interested to observe cells in hibiscus flower which available  in my house. i  prepared the slide preparation and observed under foldcope.it was amazing the cells are rectangle shape. priya ,8th class ZPHS Rallabuduguru.  

Hibiscus leaf cells

My self iam Thasmeya,9th class. i am very interseted to see the tissues in different leaf.but i selected hibiscus leaf and observed under foldscope .it is very easy to handle the foldscope and very easy and clarity to observe.iam so happy for visiting Agastya international foundation.  

stomata cells in calotropis

 t The cells which helps to gas exchanges in leaf  i.e stomata cells.its good experience to me when iam preparing slide and observing under foldscope. the stomata cells seems to observe like human eye.  

bottle brush flower stalk

This is bottle brush flower stalk.i had taken one flower then i made longitudinal section cutting of flower and placed on the slide then observed under the foldscope.it was very nice to see the internal parts of flower.

starch granules in potato

When iam cutting potato i seen juicy content .i had taken little amount of juicy  content on the slide.then putted iodine it reacts and gives bluish black colour. then observed under foldscope.i observed starch granules in oval and round shape. Swapna,10th class,Kalavanchi school.

cells in carrot

My name is Priyanka , studying 10th class, thopanahalli school. Iam very  surprised when working with foldscope. it was amazing experience for me. thank you agastya instructors.    

rice granules

Handling and using of foldscope is very easy and innovative learning to me.I observed the rice granules and rice granules with iodine it was amazing to me .thank you for giving this opportunity.      by     Sujatha,7th class,ZPHS Dandi kuppam.    

fungus on dry leaf

when i came to lets lab i observed the fungus on dry leaf. i observed the fungus on foldscope. thank you agastya. Name: Apskhan       class:8th class school: ZPHS  Rallabuduguru

pollen grains with pollen tube

This was amazing observation under foldscope .the pollen grains with pollen tube of tridax.iam very thank to manu sir for making me very curiosity.

Locules in Ovary of Hibiscus flower

My self iam Kiran kumar 9th class studying in ZPHS Ponnanguru .iam very happy to work with the foldscope.it is very easy to carry. i went to field i collected the hibiscus flower ovary .i taken t.s of ovary then observed under the foldscope.

soil structure

when iam  doing soil serial dilution to develop microorganisms. i  am very curios to observe the soil structure.then with the help of foldscope i observed the soil structure in different ways.it was very awesome to   me.

Gaseous exchange through stomata cell

My self  Varalakshmi. Iam very curiosity to learn about stomata cells in rheo plant through foldscope.It was very easy to handle and attractive one.    

cells in the beet root

my self iam prasanth from ZPHS. Kenumakulapalli.Iam very interested to see the different cells in vegetables like beet root under foldscope.Iam very happy because this is the first time iam handling foldscope and even observing cells under foldscope.Thank you Agastya and Manu sir.  

kitchen of the cell

when i saw foldscope i wondered because i came from rural area i.e. supriya ,ZPHS Kenumakulapalli  8th class. this is the first time i seen foldscope.It was very funny to handle compare to microscope.I observed the Chloroplast ,cell wall and cell membrane.  

pollen grains and pollen tubes of Hibiscus flower

my name is Gurumurthy studying 8th class.i felt very happy and easy to handling the foldscope. when iam observing pollen grains and pollen tube under foldscope its very interesting.Thank you for Manu sir giving This Opportunity for rural students.