Hallway House Dust

Cropped image of house dust sampled on a piece of clear tape, showing a diagonal hair and some blue (clothing?) fibres, along with unidentified other microparticles. Uncropped full field view of dust sample

Fish scale from salmon

Out of curiosity, I saved a scale while preparing a salmon for supper. I was surprised to see it resemble a whorl pattern, like a fingerprint.

What are these specks on my hot pepper plant leaves?

A colleague noticed whitish specks on the leaves of a pepper plant growing on my window ledge. After examining them with the foldscope (in situ, without a slide), they appear as droplets. But of what? Any ideas? To help give context, here are three different views of what we observed. -Paul Stinson   PS We…

Onion cells

One of the first things I attempted to view was a piece of onion skin. The fold in the skin here actually gives some depth to the image. Natural light through a window seemed to work best as well, especially if not directly facing the window. I will have to try cheek cells next. Will…