Cells of mimosa pudica

When the students are walking around the ground they saw some plants. in that mimosa pudica is the eye capturing for them why because when they touch the leaves are closed. they played for some time they they asked the students that what we can see in this leaf differently, so that the leaves are…

Pollen grains of different flowers

Today students came to Agastya they said that when they  are collecting different flowers near home, they saw some small dust particles are fallen, then they questioned to us, what is that we said that they are pollen grains, can we see the pollen grains with different flowers, then said that curiously and in knee interest…

Salted onion cell

Today students saw the cells of onion with the help of fold scope, but they got an idea of seeing the cells when it is dipped in the salt solution.

Observing the yellow and reddish peel of the Apple.

when students brought the apple as snacks for Eating. They saw some yellowish and reddish colour on the peel. Then they saw in the fold scope how it look like and inside the soft apple also. they enjoyed while doing it.

Comparing the starch powder granules and potato

They are amazed when seeing the  granules in  starch (potato). they had a doubt that what we can see in the potato also. They saw the two different granules in starch powder and also in fresh potato.

T.S. Of Black board Duster

When the students came to lab when they saw plant of tridax, they asked that with the help of tridax we are rubbing the slates and black board, but we didn’t saw how the internal stem look like? With the help of fold scope can you show me how it looks.

Anaphase I Meiosis stages in Allium cepa flower buds

I saw Anaphase I Meiosis stages in Allium cepa  flower buds in foldscope. This is the first time observing under the foldscope and it is really thrilled and fasinating experience for me to see the stages under foldscope.