Variegated Spider Plant Leaf

 It’s the last full day of school in Berks County, Pennsylvania, USA. We’re still exploring, though. One of my students wanted to see wanted to see what a leaf would look like under the Foldscope, instead of our 30x microscopes from the school, so I quickly put one under the Foldscope for her.

Mosquito Larvae?

A fellow teacher called me to her room today to ask for assistance. She wanted me to identify something swimming in her fish tank. She set up a small (1-2 gallon) fish tank in her room and prepared it for fish, but before she could add fish something appeared. They look like mosquito larvae to…


I was enjoying the weather outside today, and so were skinny mosquitoes that kept trying to feast on my blood. I managed to stop one and place it on a slide. Update- Based on a helpful comment, I went back to the slide and took more pictures. The mosquito isn’t fresh anymore, but perhaps the…

Looking for Gypsy Moth Eggs

We found more than one egg case inside a screened in porch. I scraped some of one onto a slide to see what it looked like. I was surprised by all of the straight, sharp lines. 

Gypsy Moth Wing

I had the opportunity to view a gypsy moth wing this summer. This moth perished after finding its way into a home.  

Found Feather

My students caught me checking out a feather that I found over the weekend. Curiosity is contagious; I had a circle of students around me in moments.                     

Facial Tissue

        Two of my students chose to look at items under the Foldscope for their free time today. School’s almost over for the summer and they chose to do more science. I love it!


  Today the class collected anything they wanted from the area around our suburban elementary school. This is the mud that was collected, spread out in a well slide with water.                 

Pond Plant

      The class asked to see what one of the pond plants looked like. The sample is from a water hyacinth.

Pond Water Motion Day 2

My class was fascinated by all of the movement in the sample. In their classroom microscopes they could see very little. While out at the pond, they had an interesting conversation about how they’d never drink the pond water, but they’d drink from a stream that looked clear. It was an important teaching moment. They…

Pond Water Day 2

This is the pond outside of the school where I work. The filter and fountain stopped running last week, so the water is less than clear. Plant and animal life live in the pond, including goldfish. We collected samples to look at again today. The students were surprised that although the pond was green, the end…

Pond Water Motion

Guinea Pig Hair

My excited students brought in items to look at with their classroom microscopes and the Foldscope. This was a donation of guinea pig fur.

Pond Water

These are images of pond water from outside of the school where I work.