Mystery of empty shell on tree trunks

I have been spotting empty shells of white colour on many tree trunks in Mumbai. I didn’t know what organism made them. This post is summary of journey I took to find out. The mystery remained unsolved for more than a year, but today another person made similar observation and posted on twitter and an…

भेंडी/ भिंडी/ Okra through the Foldscope

भेंडी माइक्रोस्कोप मधून कसा दिसतो? भिंडी माइक्रोस्कोप में से कैसा दिखती है? How does Okra looks through the Foldscope? Photos taken with d Foldscope.

Pollens of Sterculia foetida (Jangli badam)

Sterculia foetida (Jangli badam) is flowering in Mumbai. It has two types of flowers 👇. Red one is bisexual and yellow one is male. Photographed its pollens with d Foldscope.

Moth proboscis

Found a dead moth in corridor. Since long I wanted to see a proboscis under d Foldscope. It looks amazing!

कांदा/ प्याज़/ Onion through the Foldscope

कांदा माइक्रोस्कोप मधून कसा दिसतो? प्याज़ माइक्रोस्कोप में से कैसा दीखता है? How does onion looks through the Foldscope? Photos taken with d Foldscope.

कढीपत्ता/ करीपत्ता/ Curry leaf through the Foldscope

कढीपत्ता माइक्रोस्कोप मधून कसा दिसतो? करीपत्ता माइक्रोस्कोप में से कैसा दीखता है? How do Curry leaves look through the Foldscope? 3rd picture is backside of leaf, stomata is also visible. Photos taken with d Foldscope.

टोमेटो/ टमाटर/ Tomato through the Foldscope

टोमेटो माइक्रोस्कोप मधून कशे दिसते? टमाटर माइक्रोस्कोप में से कैसे दीखता है? How does tomato looks through the Foldscope? Photos taken with Foldscope. Tomato came to India in 16th century n became integral part of Indian cuisines.

Exploring kitchen with Foldscope

Household kitchen is an amazing place to observe and do experiments. Foldscope users have been doing just that. This post lists all such observations and experiments and it’s comment section provides a space to discuss things around it.

वांगे/बैगन/Eggplant through the Foldscope

वांगे माइक्रोस्कोप मधून कशे दिसते? बैगन माइक्रोस्कोप में से कैसे दीखता है? Looking at eggplant through microscope. 1st image is d outer surface, 2nd is stem n 3rd is showing thickness of outer surface. Photos taken with Foldscope

आले/अदरक/Ginger through the Foldscope

आले माइक्रोस्कोप मधून कशे दिसते? अदरक माइक्रोस्कोप में से कैसा दीखता है? How does ginger looks through microscope? 1st n 2nd image is of outer skin. 3rd is inner part. Photos taken with the Foldscope

White spots on leaves

Two posts about mysterious white spots on leaves posted by @SameerUno n @patilsaheb intrigued me so much that today morning I went out to look for such white spots on leaves. Near a dump I found such white spots on a cucumber-ish plant. (2/n)There were 3 hypothesis- @SameerUno thought it looks like pollens,…

How does Cuscuta a parasitic plant feeds?

A post about this Sunday’s exploration: You must have seen greenish yellow threads/wire like structures on many plants. What are they? Are they part of plant or a seperate plant or creeper? If you go closer you’ll see that they definately not part the plant. And if you try to check if it is creeper…

Mystery of galls on leaves

Post about a mind-blowing observation I made 2day: while coming from office I saw strange nodules on a plant leaves. Out of curiosity I plucked one leaf with nodules n brought home. My guess was it must bel disease which is causing abnormal growth. To check what these nodules made up of, I cut open…

How I am learning BOTANY

How I am learning BOTANY, a thread: I had studied botany in school and college but never found it as interesting as microbiology. So ultimately did masters in microbiology. I have been exploring microscopic world with the @TeamFoldscope, I always carry it with me. (1/n) I put anything I find interesting under the Foldscope and…

Pollens of Commelina diffusa

Pollens of Commelina diffusa as observed through the Foldscope. This is the second Commelina species I have seen in Mumbai. Approximate size of the pollen is 73 microns. #microscope #scicomm #science #sciencetwitter #ecology

Mystery of the dust on the edges of the ceiling fan

Ceiling fan attracts lot of dust, it forms thick border around d blade edges. I observed it under d Foodscope & saw something interesting. It has lot of thin-long threads & dust particles get attached to it.Dust particles must b coming frm vehicles but wht about threads? Where are they coming from? Also there is…

Wings of Acasis moth

Wings of Acasis moth as made up of tiny leaf like structures. Photos are taken at 140 magnification using the Foodscope. #scicomm #ScienceTwitter #wildwebs #ecology

Sprouted Matki under the Foodscope

These days whatever I eat also goes under the Foodscope. Was having sprouted Matki (Vigna aconitifolia), took thin section from the grain and observed under the Foodscope. This is what I saw👇#scicomm #sciencetwitter #microscopy #food