Foldscoping at Science Congress

We participated at Mizoram Science Congress exibition and introduced the foldscope to the students and people who visited the exibition on 4th and 5th October.   Water sample taken from a playground near the school.

Spirulina observed in collected samples

We viewed the august samples during the month of september. We have been observing different plankton species and we are quite overjoyed to find Spirulina in the samples as they have a great medicinal value and are good sources of energy.  

Learning the planktons

                                    Heres a  report of  our work at tamdil site with our govt KMHSS Aizawl,Mizoram. We go to the site every month  to get the sample and  observed the samples at our laboratory to find out the seasonal…

Plankton at Tamdil lake

We went to tamdil on 25th may to get the may samples for  our project. We hired 2 buses and one other vehicle and there were showers the day before . The students were quite enthused. It was a 4 hours ride and was a bit hectic. The water temperature was 27°C. We have been…

Glycyphagus in the house

This is my first post at microcosmos. I happen to attend the workshop for teachers by Dr Manu at IIT mumbai and was overwhelmed by this scientific tool. After reaching home I demonstrated the arrangement and use of foldscope to our students and they were  amazed . They were eager to make their own slides…