Found Oscillatoria on a water leaking wall. I also found these dark ones in the black patches of the wall. The dark ones are called Tenebriella

Transistor under a Foldscope.

Transistors are super interesting, they are like a switch which can turn on and off superfast. I always wanted to see how it looks from inside. To be able to do this you will have to get a special kind of transistor which is Fully made of metal, I used a one called 2n3055 Which…

LED under Foldscope.

I saw @TubeTimeUS on twitter with cross-section of electronic components, thought it would look awesome under a Foldscope. To do this you will have to use sand paper to grind down a side of the LED with 100 grit and work you way up to a 1000 grit you have to this until you can…

Aquarium plant under Foldscope.

I have a plant in my Aquarium and some times some leaves get infected and form these black patches on them, so did what every foldscope would do, -see it under a Foldscope- here are the results.

How to see chemical reaction under a Foldscope?

I was wondering if I could see a chemical reaction under Foldscope and see what it look like, and I found this method to see chemical reaction under a Foldscope. How to do this? Step1 prepare the slide Take some baking soda and sprinkle it on a side of the slide then take some vinegar…

Potassium permanganate crystallizing

This potassium permanganate crystallizing under a Foldscope. I used the same method as the salt crystallizing video – https://microcosmos.foldscope.com/?p=206065

Salt crystallizing under a foldscope

Im getting intrested in fractals and wanted to see some natural crystals and how they from so I decided to film salt crystallizing under a Foldscope. And here is what I came with. ×CAUTION× Before trying this be aware they it is DANGEROUS to play with high temperature and you can burn yourself and the…

How to find Verticella.

I found Verticella on the glass of my Aquarium. Step1 – Find yourself an Aquarium and a glass slide and scrap the Aquarium glass with an angle of about 20° degrees between the glass of the aquarium and the glass slide, scrap until you see stuff like in the above image. Step2 – place the…


Found this nematode in the algae under a tap if you see closely you can actually see the insides of it.

Pollen grain of Corchorus

Saw the pollen grains of Corchorus under a foldscope found it growing around my house. Approx size is 45 microns.

saw stomata at different times of the day

I wanted to see how plants look at day and night time so I took two different pictures on different times day and night we can see the stomatal openings at day time. #Foldscope #science #scienceathome

A Rotifer

I was looking for tardigrads in moss and I found this creature.

#My Blood Cells

I centrifuged my blood and observed it under a foldscope.