This is a test post in app. Very cool addition (app) for Foldscoping!

2020 Enviro Citizen Sci Challenge

Our organization (Conservación Panamá Inc.) is participating in the Nov 2020 Environmental Citizen Science Challenge. Check out the project, support us if you can, and see how we are using FOLDSCOPES! Check out our VIDEO HERE about the project. ¡GO FOLDSCOPE! ABSTRACT: Remote communities in Panamá commonly suffer from waterborne illness. The various sources and identity of point…

GREAT RESOURCE! Book recommendation

Whether you are in the U.S. or not (like us) this is a wonderful resource for educators planning explorations of the microcosmos. The INTRODUCTION and background information is wonderful and the description and ID KEYS are wonderful!

Preparing slides for demonstrations

For fundraising and showing off Foldscopes I find it a great idea to have pre-prepared slides ready to go on the run! Here are a few examples I have put together. If you are looking to fundraise, there is no better way, than to put a foldscope in the HANDS of donors with ready to…


  Conservación Panamá Inc is a U.S./Panamanian non-profit conservation organization. We are currently running Environmental education programming for primary/secondary school aged children in rural/remote communities at risk in Panama. We have received MORE REQUESTS for programs than we can handle and are looking for 1-2 Master’s/PhD students studying Environmental Education or related field to take…


Ciencia507 Foldscopes in Panama!! #NiñasEnCiencia Women teaching girls Science! Our founder and President of Conservación Panamá Inc a U.S. 501(c)(3) MELVA OLMOS

FROM THE FIELD: Boil that water!

* I was in the field today in Panama collecting butterfly photos for a project we are working on. Its dry season so not much water available in field. This reminded me of some tropical forest survival/safety training we have our staff complete. DONT DRINK THE WATER. This is why! Thanks to my pocket deluxe…

Free Resource: Freshwater free-living Protozoa ID GUIDE


Lepidoptera wing scale damage from human-handling

An experiment: We used a roadkill specimen found during our field research here in Panama to show the level of damage a light finger touch to a butterfly wing can cause thus affecting survivability by reduced flight capabilities. We lightly touched this small section of upperwing with a finger and here you can see the…