I went to the anniversary of the nature conservation group I am part of and took out my foldscope to see some pollen. Next thing I was surrounded by kids bringing me things they wanted to see. I include some of the photos the kids took with my tablet, but I don’t remember what they were. We…

Butterfly wings

Some years ago, my mother found a dead butterfly on the rooftop. She kept it in a plastic container for years.

Furcraea longaeva

Furcraea longaeva a plant that holds the record for having the tallest recorded flowering inflorescence upwards of 9m (that is not a tree, it is an inflorescence). It takes more than 50 years to flower and then dies. We are lucky to have one flowering at the Botanic Garden in the National Autonomuus University of Mexico.  

First try: onion skin and old brine shrimp preparation

I managed to get some foldscopes from a kickstarter box that made its way to Mexico. I gave one of them to my mother for her birthday. As they were part of a kit we didn’t have a preparation, but my family is familiar with microscopes. I prepared a very simple onion skin slide and…