Darkfield Foldscopy

How to turn a simple foldscope to darkfiled by minimum modifications. First take a lens of ypur choice . I took one from a dvd player And now follow the video with earphones I made video becuz i m lazy of writing and videos help better

New Foldscope Design

Hello , I was working on a new design of foldscope. I had An idea of creating quick chnage in foldscope and make it darkfield and brightfield side by side . so that you can quickly change between darkfield and bright field . so if permission is given i ll post it with all details…

Pond water

I was always amazed to see water samples.But all of the water samples i collected did not have any living organisms. The one i collected few days ago was my first successfull live water sample. This one is my first successfull live slide I got 2 basic classroom foldscopes from youtuber MIKE KENNEDY Thanks to…

Insect and its LUNGS

This post is fr8m a slide which I made months ago. The isect in this slide is arouf 0.25 mm . It is transparent and its lungs are clearly visible . I am not sure if thats really its lungs or not . Si please commemt on your opinion. This post shows the hunger of…

Leaf Stomata cells

Has any one tought of leaf respiration. Stomata can be called the nose of a leaf. I have got some samples of leafe and slided into my foldscope. Its kind of hard to record working stomata cells as my tablet is big and hard to hold with foldscope. How did I made stomata slides. Take…

Mosquito mouth

I was wondering about mosquitos sting  I thought it would be something like a pointed needle or similar . I was amazed to see that it was completely like a crab hand. I trapped a mosquito in a slide and viewed its sting  Thanks for viewing my post☺👍

Pollen grains

This is my slide of pollen grains  These was the sample which actually I did it in school  I stole some flowers and made a slide for foldscope Thanks for viewing my post ☺👍