Yarns, Strings, & Fibers

Fibers, Strings & YarnClass ProjectLearning to Foldscope https://issuu.com/amydowns9/docs/foldscope_picture_book___fibers__st Sharing my class project on Fibers, Strings & Yarn. My 5th & 6th graders have been learning to Foldscope using simple items from our classroom. My school district science teacher, Jim Billingsly, has been a huge help in giving me ideas to use with my students. Jennifer...

Making Slides in Your Spring Gardens

The goal of Foldscoping these spring flowers was to experiment with the most accessible and easy to use tools to gather samples. I am forever amazed by this world of the microcosms! I am even more amazed that a paper microscope, tape, a paper slide & my iPad & cell phone can capture these images.

Foldscope Workshops

http://bit.ly/FoldscopeACP Team Foldscope & CUE.org Foldscope & CUE.org partnered together at the #CUE19 National Conference in Palm Springs. “CUE inspires innovative learners by fostering community, personalizing learning, infusing technology, developing leadership, and advocating educational opportunities for all.” It was an amazing experience to demonstrate Foldscopes at the #STEAMpunkPlaygroud. Foldscopes fit perfectly into #NGSS & any…

Fuzzy Stickers

Foldscope reveals why they stick to everything! One of MANY of these found on my dog...all tangled with dog hair!

What is in your slime?

Slime particles under Foldscope 5th Grade Student Work A week ago I started a Foldscope Club for 5th-7th Graders.  I told them to be curious explorers and come see me at recess if they had questions or needed help making slides.   After the weekend a very disappointed girl came to my classroom and said she…

Tiny Creatures

I soaked moss in water & squeezed out several drops to look at under the Foldscope.

Gathered sample from White River, Sierra Nevada Mountains, California at approx. 4500 feet elevation Gathered sample from White River, Sierra Nevada Mountains, California at approx. 4500 feet elevation White River Due to the lack of rain and no snowfall yet this fall, the water level is very low.

Pinto Beans

I am a 5th & 6th-grade teacher in Visalia, California. We are just beginning to learn all about Foldscoping!  We put some pinto beans in a zip loc bag with a paper towel & water for a few days and grew some really cool bean plants!  Then my students took them apart and put them in...