Barr bodies

Cheek cells were smeared on the slide to view under foldscope

Lantana Camara : Sepals

Looks like a normal leaf…but The tiny hair like structures look so evident like this Until we meet again ~ Val

Fungus on ladoo (white peda) -II

In continuation to my earlier posts, trying to study fungi on different Indian sweets. Here is a white pedha, a well known delicacy.

Scales of Fish

Watching my mom clean fish the other day, I dont know why I felt curious about what those glittery scales look like …. i was wondering if they would seem like a plain glass or crystals….the results turned out totally different though……. Until we meet again!!! ~Val

The Polychaete worm on the move (Contd)

It gets a bit better in the next video… It gets really difficult when you are trying to capture a running worm…. need to try other methods of focusing better!..goodbye..with aim to get better videos next time! Happy Foldscoping! ~Val

MCF7 Breast cancer cell lines under foldscope

I really never expected this to work… but who knew Foldscope seems to impress me everytime. Another amazing application of foldscope: MCF-7 is a cell line that was first isolated in 1970 from the breast tissue of a 69-year old Caucasian woman. It is a widely studied epithelial cancer cell line derived from breast adenocarcinoma,…

Christmas with Foldscope

Christmas fern – like I call it ūüôā Looking at it closely…. some tiny particles around too When you zoom on those particles Every¬†bifurcation¬†had¬†this¬†brownish¬†colored¬†covering.¬† And here……………………… In the end of it all, everything was still amazing!¬†

Fern Rhizome

These images were clicked long ago but never really got a chance to post them.