Vortex generated by cilia beating of Vorticella

Vorticella is a suspension-feeding ciliate and has drawn the attention of scientists since Anthony van Leeuwenhoek first described its unique motility. Biological motors of microorganisms can be mimicked in microsystems to reduce the overall size of devices. Cilia beating has been envisaged as a potential strategy for inducing fluid flow and mixing in microsystems. The…

Colpidium colpoda dining on bacteria

Colpidium colpoda are free-living ciliates commonly found in many freshwater environments including streams, rivers, lakes and ponds across the Globe. I collected some dried mosses from a tree and hydrated it by adding some water and observed this sample after one day of hydration. One can see the Colpidium feasting on bacterial cells.

Observation of Red Spider mites infestations on tea leaves

Oligonychus coffeae Nietner, the red spider mite (RSM), is a major pest of #tea (Camellia sinensis). It causes great economic losses to the tea growers. Red spider mite infestation can be observed on the tea leaves throughout the year as tea is a perennial crop provides food and shelter. Nymphs and adults of RSM lacerate…

Foldscope workshop at Mind Tree School at IIT Mandi campus

Mind Tree School located in the IIT Mandi North campus, students and teachers were super excited to have and use their personal microscope. Dr Shyam Kumar, Assistant Professor at IIT Mandi helped me in organizing this program. Students observed pollen grains of different flowers.

Foldscope workshop for School students in Kinnaur district of Himachal

A workshop on #Foldscope was organised in a school of kinnaur district tribal region of Himchal Pradesh. A total of 22 students participated, all of them were super enthusiastic to know about the relevance of microbial communities. After assembly of their own Foldscope, the observed various samples collected from the school surroundings.

Leaves under foldscope

Hi, I am ALAN BRANDON SUMER  , from Meghalaya, India. I am in 10th grade at Me.E.CL Secondary School, Umiam On my visit to Panshat Dam, I was told to collect  samples any kind of  samples When I went to Shingad and Panshat dam for a field trip from NCMR  on 14 Nov 2018  I reached there I…

Special claws of insect assist it in walking over water surface

Hi, I am Macmillan R Rodborne, from Meghalaya, India. I am in 10th grade at Me.E.CL Secondary School, Umiam On my visit to Panshet Dam, I was told to collect any kind of sample that I could come across, and I found a small insect on the river-side. I dissected the leg of that tiny…

Spider web with dew drops

DATE-14 0F NOVEMBER LOCATION-PANSHET DAM Hi, I am M.Kishan Singha from Meghalaya, India. I am in 10th grade at Me.E.CL Secondary School, Umiam I came across a spider web and found it with some fresh dew over it. I decided to place it under the Foldscope. As spider webs are oily by nature, it was a difficult…

The eye of a tiny insect floating in water

Hi this is Rohan Marwein, on the 14th of November, we the students of Me.E.C.L Secondary School Umiam from the 10th standard went for a small journey to the Panshet Dam, near Pune. With the presence of 3 instructors, there we were told to find some samples from our surroundings and to observe it under…

Spider web under a foldscope

Hi, this is Parveen Kurbah, and I am from MeECL Secondary School, Umiam from standard 10. A spider web was found during Panshet dam, near Pune visit. I found this web on the ground and I thought it will be interesting to observe the microfibres under a paper foldscope. It was a tricky part to take the sample, as its a…

Student exchange program under DBT funded project

  A group of students from Shillong visited National Centre for Cell Science, Pune under DBT funded project. Dr Krishnappa and his team made all the travel arrangements and NCCS hosted students. First day was great, students visited different facilities and interacted with the Director NCCS and Head NCMR, and assembled foldscope.

Unidentified insect in my balcony

I saw this super small insect this morning, and trapped using a tap. It was a slow moving, so very easy to catch. I tried to picture it but it appears to be some common insect, not able to identify further. Need help in it identification.

Insect wings under foldscope

Insects were trapped near a light post during #IISF2018, Lucknow. One small insect was mounted with the help of tap on a paper slid and observed using foldscope.

Foldscope workshop at NCMR, NCCS, Pune

A total of 55 students from nine schools and 20 teachers and members various NGOs participated in the Foldscope workshop organized at NCMR, NCCS, Pune This post is open to read and review on The Winnower.

Introducing school students to the world of microbiology using Foldscope

I visited Aizawl to attend the National Conference on Plant Growth Promoting Rhizobacteria during the second week of May 2018. I reached Aizawl one day prior and planned to conduct a workshop at Kendriya Vidyalaya, Aizawl. The weather in North-Easter part of India is difficult to predict and it started raining heavily, somehow our flight landed…

Experience of members of parliamentary standing committee on S&T with #Foldscope

Yesterday, the parliamentary standing committee on S&T visited @NCMR_Pune @NCCS_Pune, I demonstrated the use of #Foldscope to all members, and they found it very valuable tool for frugal science. It was a rare occasion for policymakers to get a chance to directly engage and “experience” science first-hand. #Indiafoldscopephase1  #Fungal #sporangia All members were curious to observe the specimen…

My first experience with Foldscope at ICGEB, Delhi and NCMR_NCCS, Pune

I am a microbiologist and can very well understand the importance of microscope in my day-to-day research.  I read about Foldscope somewhere is 2015 and since then I was keen to have this frugal microscope.  Last year DBT, India invited proposal to use Foldscope in various activities, including research. I reacted promptly and submitted my…