Pollen under foldscope

pollen on anther observed directly under foldscope pollen observed under compound foldscope 2

Compound foldscope-2

Monocot leaf T.S. observed through foldscpe and compound foldscope. The image was magnified and it is a mirror image.

Plasmodium falciparum

Blood smear showing ring stage,trophozoit s and organism Plasmodium falciparum. I am able to observe theses stages clearly after the addition of immersion oil on to the slide under foldscope. slightly fading the slide the brightly colored parasite stages are visible.

twinning National workshop on “Foldscope: Magnifying Science” (8th December 2018)

One day National workshop was held on foldscope demonstration to all the post graduates, teachers and research scholar from different areas. delegates from Andhra Pradesh, Chennai, and Bangalore participated with enthusiasm. the video was taken using water sample stored from past 3 months along with Lilly plant only to observe under foldscope. Many different organism…

“Foldscope as a research tool” oral presentation in the World Congress on Infectious disease and Antibiotics -2018

Foldscpe was introduced to many young researchers and eminent scientists from AIIMS- New Delhi, Indian Institute of Medical Education and Research, Public health microbiologist,NIT- chattisgarh ,University of Madras, and many more.  It was a great experience. The group expressed their interest in using foldscope as one of the tool.  In this regard Dr. Manu Prakash…

compound foldscope 2

figure 1: mandibles of wood termite under foldscope figure2: mandibles of wood termite focused using 10x eye piece. wood termite mouth parts

Compound foldscope!

Mandibles of wood termite was observed using 10x eye piece placed over focusing lense. without using the zoom of cell phone image was magnified.

Sickle cell anemia

Peripheral  smear of RBC in sickle cell anemia condition. Tear shaped cells are found under foldscope. blood smear under 100x objective in optical microscope showing sickle shaped and tear shaped RBC

Petals of different flowers under foldscope

I am thrilled to observe these colored cells under foldscope. The Persian blue, yellow, red and orange colored cells are from Shankapushpi, marry-gold, Rose and Chrysanthemum.   This post is open to read and review on The Winnower.

Aspergillus on onion

      Unstained slide of aspergillus Hyphae inside the onion outermost layer.

Betel leaf stomata