negative staining to identify lactobacilli in 4 days fermented curd
Foldscope Magnifying Science" outreach Programme at Pallotti Junior Collage,  Amaravathi,

Foldscope outreach program at Tripura university as a part of Twining with NE

Foldscope was demonstrated to research scholars of department of Botany and researchers from different Universities like University of Calicut,Guwahati,tripura,IIT Guwahati and National Rice Research Institute Cuttack at National seminar on Plant Science Research, Tripura University on 7th June. The scientific gathering were really wondered to work with it and expressed their interest to use it…

Experience with Foldscope

It was wonderful to directly observe the microscopic organisms live using foldscope coupled with cellphone camera. It was my first experience at ICGEB. I thank DBT organizers for giving me the opportunity to work with Foldscope.